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Q: Why do ice skaters crouch down when skating?
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Is there a patron saint of ice skaters?

The patron saint of skaters, skating, ice skating, roller skating is St. Lydwina of Schiedam.

When figure skaters fall do they have to keep skating or can they leave the ice?

they have to keep skating. Then after they can put ice on

Hen did she take the ice skating test?

hen took some ice skating test because all the ice skaters have to take the ice skating tst

What is the only jump in ice skating where skaters take off while skating forward?


Why is Michelle famous?

she is famous because her ice skating was the most beautiful of all the other ice skaters.

How does ice temperature affect ice skating?

because ice is cold so it whares off and the ice skaters sometimes get cold

Is there a world record for falling a lot when ice skating?

No all skaters fall a lot.

How do ice skaters get trained?

Ice Skaters can get trained by joining their local figure skating club and get private lessons and go every week and really make a commitment.

Why is Michelle Kwan famous?

she is famous because her ice skating was the most beautiful of all the other ice skaters.

What is syncronized ice skating?

Synchronized skating consists of a group of about twelve to twenty figure skaters skating on the ice at one time. They work together as one unit. A synchronized skating team performs a program set to music.

How do you say ice skaters in french?

well to ice skate is patin and ice skating is patinage so an ice skater i think is faire du patin.

What do they call ice skaters outfits?

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it could be called an Ice Skating Costume. Not sure though.

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