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Balance is good for sprinting because it keeps you up right.

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Q: Why do i need balance for sprinting?
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What trainings do you need to play basketball?

You need sprinting training, pushups, and weightlifting.

What is the spelling of sprinting?

Sprinting is correct.

What year did sprinting start?

sprinting started in 1708

Is sprinting faster or slower than running?

Sprinting is faster than running. It involves a shorter duration of high-intensity movement at maximum speed, while running typically refers to a longer, steady-state form of locomotion at a moderate pace.

Scenarios best describes interval training?

sprinting 100 yards, resting, sprinting 200 yards, resting, sprinting 300 yards, resting, sprinting 200 yards.

What does lightweight pro do?

faster sprinting and faster ADS after sprinting

How do you get a better start in sprinting?

by getting your legs pumped by sprinting in place

I am a long distance runner and recently wanted to try sprinting in track However it turns out that I'm not too good at sprinting How can I develop my sprinting skills and fast twitch muscles?

Easy - start sprinting, or better yet, talk to your track coach!

What year was sprinting first included in the Olympics?

Sprinting has always been included in the Olympic games

Do you need the balance board mat for the Wii balance board?

no, don't need it.

Can Brooks Nerve LD Track Spikes be used for sprinting?

Yes, you probably could use them for sprinting, but if sprinting what you do at every meet, I would suggest getting a pair of sprint spikes.

Can sprint be used as an adjective?

Sprint itself no,If you want to make an adjective that has something to do with sprinting you can use something like this:The sprinting man hit a pole.In this case sprinting is an adjective.