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The main reason for hitting the Golf ball off the toe of the club is that the golfer is turning his body too soon during the swing, pulling the body and the club away from the ball. Lifting of the golfers head before hitting the ball can also contribute to the problem.

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Q: Why do i hit the golf ball off the toe?
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What is the toe on a golf club?

Toe is the front part of the head of the golf club.

What is the usual cause for hitting the ball off the heel of a golf club?

You are just not swinging the club down on the same line that you are bringing it back on, you could be coming over the top slightly, or you could be pulling the club to the outside and swinging down on the same line, therefore causing you to hit it off the heel. One thing you could do is address the ball with the toe of the club, this should help you hit it out of the middle.

How do you kick a soccer ball to make it dip?

hit the middle ppointing up of ball with area above toe

What is a miss hit golf shot?

When you don't hit it how you expected to. Such as a shank (off the hosel), off the heel, off the toe, a block (straight right for a right handed golfer), snap hook (starts straight but curves sharply and quickly left), a top, a thin or a chunk.

What are two coaching points for instep kicking in soccer?

Well, first of all you have to hit the ball with your big toe. + If you want to get height on the ball then you have to hit underneath the ball and lean back. + If your going for power than you hit the ball with your laces.

What does toe the ball mean?

kick the ball Kick the ball with your toe as opposed to kicking the ball with side of you foot.

What is the sports term toe the ball?

toe poke

What does toe come from is it from ball-and-socket gliding hinge or the pivot?

A toe comes from a hinge.

Is toe a ball and socket joint?


Why does your toe hurt when kicking a rock?

your toe hurts because there is a reaction on the toe by the ball that is greater than the applied force

What is turf toe?

Turf toe is a condition of pain at the base of the big toe, located at the ball of the foot. Its cause by stubbing your toe! To find out more on this go to

What is it called when you kick a ball with your toes?

a toe punt

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