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so their hair doesnt fly everywhere.

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Q: Why do gymnasts wear so many barettes in their hair?
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Why do gymnasts wear so many barrettes?

To keep there hair in place so it does not get in there eyes or just in there way when doing there jumps, flips and other gymnastics things.

Do gymnasts wear silk?


Do some male gymnasts wear just leotards when they work out?

Yes, But male gymnasts typically wear shorts over their leotard

What do gymnasts wear in competitions?

A leotard.

What do trampolinist's wear?

At my club when we train we mostly wear sleveless leotards and shorts or with a t-shirt over this. When competiting we wear leotards like gymnasts, we basically wear the same things as gymnasts.

What do you wear on your feet in gymnastics?

Most gymnasts don't wear any type of footwear while they are training or performing. Some gymnasts prefer to wear socks, or there're shoes available.

What do gymnasts wear under their leotards?


Do female gymnasts wear tights?

No. They wear leotards. During competitions, they wear warm up suits over their leotards. Some smaller gymnasts (elementary age) may wear tights but it is not the standard dress code.

Why do gymnasts not wear shoes while performing?

Gymnasts could roll their ankles if wearing shoes while competing in gymnastics. Gymnasts could get really hurt. It isn't save.

What do female gymnasts wear?

Those are called leotards.

What do rhythmic gymnasts wear on their feet?

Gymnastics Tape

What gymnastic gear do Olympians wear?

Gymnasts wear leotards. The men wear pants over their leotards.

Why do gymnasts feet stink?

Cause they wear shoes with no socks

Do boy gymnasts wear underwear under their leotards?

It is optional. Some wear and some dont.

Do you wear shoes in gymnastics?

No gymnasts do not wear shoes because they are too heavy and they weigh us down. Gymnasts may wear beam "shoes" which resemble small ballet slippers (not the pointe ones) to help keep them from slipping on the beam.

Are gymnasts allowed to wear shorts in competitions?

Male gymnasts are required to wear shorts on the vault and floor, while wearing long slacks on all other apparatus. Female gymnasts however are required to wear only their competition leotards throughout all routines. In training or non-competitive gymnastics, the dress code is not usually all that strict.

What do gymnasts wear at the Olympics?

A competition leotard- which is one with long sleeves.

Why are female gymnasts requiered to wear a leotard?

Female gymnasts wear leotards so they will be able to perform all their events without their costumes getting in the way. The leotard is also designed to cover the body in an appropriate way.

What do gymnasts wear when competing in the Olympics?

Answera Leotard

What did gymnasts wear in 1990?

They wore leotards and gripps and hand covers duhhhhh

What footwear do gymnasts wear?

They dont they are always barefooted and use chalk for grip =]

What type of underwear to male gymnasts wear?

bikini briefs

What do the male gymnasts wear to keep their private parts in place while they perform?

Male gymnasts wear a singlet (similar to a girl's one piece bathing suit) and either shorts or long stirrup pants depending on the sport.

What did gymnasts used to wear in the olden days?

The word 'Gymnastics' comes from the Greek for 'naked' - early gymnasts used to perform without any clothes.

Do gymnasts wear panty hose or nylons?

Neither; they wear leotards made of usually velvet or partially made of spandex.