Why do guys wear white spandex?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Because they like the color white. Because they like white spandex.

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Q: Why do guys wear white spandex?
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Guys in spandex?

No way!!! Girls do need to wear spandex; it increases their range of motion and shorts will get in their way. But guys? They should wear short shorts; not spandex!!!

Is there a sport or martial art in which guys wear tight spandex leggings except skiing?


Is there a martial art in which guys wear tight spandex leggings?

In Savate (French Kickboxing) they wear long legged unitards in competition.

Do old ladies like to wear spandex?

Ladies with grey hair and even those with white hair are walking around in skintight spandex nowadays.....

What is the ISBN of Our Gods Wear Spandex?

The ISBN of Our Gods Wear Spandex is 1578634067.

When was Our Gods Wear Spandex created?

Our Gods Wear Spandex was created in 2007.

How many pages does Our Gods Wear Spandex have?

Our Gods Wear Spandex has 256 pages.

What are the best pants and panties to wear if you want to show off your panty lines?

When i do this i usually wear spandex with bikini panties on or a off colored thong funny watching guys expressions

Can you wear spandex in saltwater?


What is the best swimsuit for guys?

# speedos # trunks # spandex

What do olympic cyclists wear?

Tight clothes, unless you Usain Bolt.

Is spandex flammable?

no, spandex is completely flame retardant. the only way to prove it for sure is to wear spandex and light yourself on fire.