Why do girls play volleyball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, girls can play soccer; for example a successful female footballer, Mia Hamm.

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Girls likes to play soccer because Playing soccer makes you healthy and a healthy girl is a beautiful girl and they wants to show the boys that they can play better then

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Q: Why do girls play volleyball?
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What is the sport to play for girls?


Do girls play sport in Egypt?


What is boom boom volleyball?

Boom Boom Volleyball is a game Only for girls and only 2 People can play and it is Easy to play.

What does mean co ed volleyball?

Co-ed volleyball is when both guys and girls play on the same team.

What percent of girls play volleyball?

46 million Americans Play volleyball. I don't know, but I can tell you that this American does! :)

What are some sports for girls to play?

Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis or even Basketball

What do guys think of girls that play volleyball in high school?

They enjoy it because they can see cute girls in short shorts!

Is volleyball the first game for girls?

It is Girls' volleyball. There is a possessive because it's done by girls. When done by boys, it's Boys' or Men's volleyball.

What sports do children in the Netherlands play?

A lot of boys (and girls) play football. Girls do gymnastics, dancing and ballet. Other common sport are: hockey, tennis, volleyball and korfball.

Can guys play on girls high school volleyball teams?

No because guys have more strength in throwing but girls have strength but not as much as guys

Who played volleyball and why?

A lot of people play it and it is very fun! Also Misty May and Keri Walsh play as beach volleyball gold medalist Olympians. Also it is gonna become the sport that the most percentage of girls play for a sport!

What is more popular mens volleyball or baech volleyball?

It depends on what gender you are. If you are a guy, you probably would prefer to watch beach volleyball more than guys volleyball cause you would wanna watch the girls play in bikinis in the sand. If your a girl, you would probably want to watch the guys play shirtless.