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It's part of the rules. Just as a goal keeper can catch and touch the ball in English football, Australian rules football has rules that allows the players to touch the ball sometimes. To score a goal a player MUST kick the ball.

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Q: Why do footy players HANDball when the game is called FOOTball?
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How many Footy players on a team?

In AFL football, there are 18 people in a footy team with a few interchange/subs

How many players in each footy team?

there's 20 footy players in a footy team

What is body warmer?

a boddy warem is whatt football players where under their footy shirts

What is Australian football called?

Football, Footy, Australian Rules Football, Aussie Rules, Aerial Ping Pong.

What are some types of footy games?

Soccer is considered to be a Footy Game. Australian Football is also considered to be a Footy Game, just ask the AFL Footy Fans, where Australian Football is Footy Domain.

How do you handball for AFL footy?

To handball an AFL footy you: Hold the ball sideways with your non preffered hand Make your preffered hand into a fist And puch the ball from the back with your other hand to make it move forward

How players on a footy team?


What is another name for Australian Rules Football?

It is called AFL (Australian Football League) and us aussies call it footy.

Who helps footy players train?

their coach

Do soccer players and footy players have the same name?

its the same sport

What are footy strips?

footy strips are the colours that a football team wears. example Arsenal FC's footy strips are red and white

Another name for football?

Footy or soccer.

What is The Wanted's favourite sport?

Football (Footy or Soccer) :]

What sports were played in the Victorian time?


How do you play a soccer football?

Soccer, football, basketball and baseball is involved all in one game in Australia called Footy. Very fun game.

What sports players that starts with the letter A?

Anderson, the footy player

What are the pants that footy players wear under there shorts?


What is a footy ground?

A football ground is an oval shaped ground on which Australian football is played.

What is another name for AFL Football?

Footy, Aussie rules

What is the line around a football oval called?

The boundry line is the line around the Aussie rules footy oval, lil' buddy.

What is the name given to the footy-style game that combines the skills of soccer Aussie rules and league?

I think that it's called Gaelic Football...

Why is football considered Australian?

Australian rules football (commonly locally called "footy" and which is vastly different from English football, rugby league, rugby union, or American football) is considered Australian because it was invented and developed in Melbourne, Australia.

When did Leon Davis start playing football?

He started playing footy in 1999.

What are offsides in flag football?

offsides in any football (are you talking about footy or soccer) means that right before the ball is hiked, someone is over the line of scrimage. It is called as a 5 yard penalty.

How many players are on the field at once in footy?

There are 22 in total but there are 11 on each team.