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It is a combination of fashion choice and comfort. Wearing a white sports sock is more comfortable than a football sock because they are softer, thicker and more technical. They dont slip down the foot like a football sock

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2012-02-01 18:19:49
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Q: Why do football players were white socks over their football socks?
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Does soccer players wear knee high socks?

Yes! All players need to wear their socks to go over their shinpads which pushes the height of the socks up to around the knee. Some players even wear extra long socks to cover the knee.

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What kind and what color socks does drake bell wear?

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Why do you need to have socks over your shine guards in Soccer?

You need socks over your shin guards to keep them in place. Most players will use sticky tape to bind beneath the bottom and top of the pad to stop it sliding down the shin when running

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