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in memory of Sean Taylor

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Q: Why do football players have 21 on helmets?
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Are American football players poofs coz of the helmets?

the helmets protect them a lot

Do football players have separate helmets for practice and games?


Why do football players put air in there helmets?

football players put air in theIR helmets because it is used to fill up space if the helmet is too big or some helmets have special pads that blow up that are more comfortable

What did the players wear when football first started?

most football players wore what they do now, but they used to wear leather helmets

What do football players with dreads wear on their hair under their helmets?


Why do football players wear helmets?

because they would get a concussion or worse

What type of helmets do pro football players wear?

70% wear Riddell

What equipment did the football players in the first super bowl wear?

leather helmets

Did football players always wear helmets?

Yes to. Keep. Their. Heads. Safe

When did football players stop using leather helmets?

1949 was when the nfl switched to plastic

When football first started players were referred to as leatherheads Why were they called this?

Because the helmets were leather.

How do football helmets help?

Helmets are designed to protect an football players head from a collision on the football field. With concussions be a main focus in American Football...helmets are evolving to help you remain as safe as possible when playing. Football is a contact sport and no equipment will totally protect you from injury or death. Call XO to learn more about helmets.

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