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Many football players chew before a game to reduce stress and calm them down for the upcoming game.

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Q: Why do football players chew tobacco?
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Can football players chew tobacco during a game?

yes he can because it is healthy

What players chew tobacco in baseball?


Can players chew tobacco in Yankee Stadium?


Do baseball players still chew tobacco?


Can players still chew tobacco on the field?

Yes, at the Major League level they can.

Why do baseball players spit so much?

In the old days, baseball players primarily chewed tobacco and it became a bit of a tradition to chew and spit on field. Chewing tobacco has gone out of style, however many ball players chew gum and spitting is still an acceptable tradition.

What do baseball players chew?

Most people i know say that baseball players chew tobacco or something like that, but as a baseball player myself i think its not true because if they do they would come out positive in the drug tests. When i play i ither chew gum or eat flower seeds, but i keep away from tobacco. The MLB does not test for's legal and non-performance enhancing.

Why do baseball players chew gum?

they actually used to chew tobacco but now rely on gum instead in order to keep their mouths from going dry.

Does Derek Jeter chew tobacco?

I have never seen him chew tobacco.

What kind of tobacco does Randy Orton chew?

bear tobacco chew

What are baseball players chewing?

Either gum or sunflower seeds because they are not allowed to chew tobacco on the fields anymore.

Does John cena chew tobacco?

No,John Cena doesn't chew tobacco

What are the dangers of chew tobacco?

the danger of chew tobacco are; it damage the lungs, one is will die young.

Can you chew tobacco while pregnant?

1. girls chew tobacco? 2.i wouldn't incase 3.U IDIOT! DON'T CHEW TOBACOO 4.BYE!

Can you chew tobacco before a fasting blood test?

You should not chew tobacco before a fasting blood test. The chewing tobacco raises the blood glucose and it depresses insulin secretion.

What percent of MLB players chew?

85% of MLB Players chew.

Is tobacco a inhalant?

you can chew and inhale tobacco so yes

Why do baseballers eat sunflower seeds?

Baseball players used to chew tobacco all the time, and now they are trying to break that. They still want to do something with their mouth though, so they chew bubblegum and eat sunflower seeds.

What do people smoke?

Cigar, cigaret, chew on tobacco if you play sports never chew tobacco you are GOING to get KICKED OFF THE TEAM

Do you chew chewing tobacco?

It depends. With dip you do not chew it but with actual leaf chewing tobacco like Red Man or Beech Nut you do

Can you chew tobacco after tonsillectomy?


Does Justin Moore chew tobacco?

yes justin moore does chew

Can you chew Golden Virginia?

no you can't chew it. This kind of tobacco is only for smoking.There are other kinds kinds of special chewing tobacco axactly for this reason. Personally i don't recomend you to chew any kind of tobacco 'cause you'll get problems with your teeth.

Is it ok to drink water after chewing tobacco?

no And it is not ok to chew tobacco.

Is there sugar in grizzly chewing tobacco?

Yes, tobacco companies add sugar to the tobacco to make the chew more sweet