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Q: Why do figure skaters land all of their twisting jumps going backwards?
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How many sports can be won by going backwards?

Rowing, sculling (which is almost the same, the only difference is that in rowing you use 1 oar and sculling you use 2), backstroke in swimming, tug of war (which was an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1920), demolition derby (this is where a car goes backwards in order to hit another car), and even the high jump and pole vault you usually go over the bar backwards. Don't forget the shot put! Figure skaters spend more time going backwards than forward....

What is light going backwards but heavy forward?

A ton, backwards it's "not"

Why is your speedometer going backwards?

Generally when a speedometer is going backwards the person is slowing down or stopping. If that is not the case see a mechanic.

What weighs nothing going forward and a ton going backwards?


How do you do a simple figure skating jump?

The easiest jump you could do is a Waltz jump. That's simply stroking forward and then going on your left toepick, then kicking your free leg forward and puch off with your left. You should start going forward and then landing going backwards.

What goes woem woem?

A cat going backwards says woem, woem (meow backwards).

Do you have to stop at a stop sign going backwards?


Definition of astern motion?

Going backwards.

What is the most recommended wheel for a skate board?

Most skaters are probably going to tell you Spitfire Wheels.

In which sport does the winner finish going backwards?


Which sport do you go backwards to win?

1 Rowing 2 Tug-o-War. 3 Absailing. 4 Darts. 5 Swimming (Backstroke).

Brakes work going backwards better than going forwards?

If your brakes work going backwards better than forwards, you should replace your front brakes. You can get your rotors turned to save time, as well.