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Q: Why do female tennis players wear skirts?
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Tennis players wear skirts?

Yes tennis players do where skirts!! Well..... Kinda they where skorts which are skirts with shorts attached under neath.

Why female tennis players wear skirts?

It obviously is easier to run with a skirt than with shorts or pants. The legs are more free and less constricted. The tennis skirts have an attached "panty", if you will. A bonus is some of them have side pockets to conceal extra tennis balls. Any sport can make you sweat and tennis is no different. So the cooler the outfit, the better.

Do all field hockey players wear bodysuits under their skirts?

Not all field hockey players wear skirts, to begin with. Very few female players wear bodysuits either. There are plenty of better solutions than a one-piece item which does not do everything it is needed for.

Which sports do girls wear skirts in?

It can be volley ball, and tennis

Do Male Players in Netball have to wear skirts or Dresses?

no they do not have to wear dresses or skirts men play basketball although they can play netball however they wear pants

Do female tennis players wear special underwear?

I don't think they do. From what i see in women's tennis matches, they wear a variety of underwear that looks like the kind of underwear that could be worn on the street.

Why do women lacrosse players wear skirts?

Mainly for fashion and comfort

What sport do players not wear white?

table tennis

Why do tennis players have to wear white?

it reflects off

Can female associates at the Waffle House wear skirts?

yes,if it is not winter

What do netball players wear while on court?

we wear clothes like skirts and top and netball shoes

What did women basketball players wear in 1912?

long black skirts and plaid overalls

Do female cricket players wear a safeguard?


Does tennis require uniforms?

No tennis doesn't have uniforms. It is not a team game, but individual players. Players often wear a particular style of dress.

Are the US Open tennis players asked to wear a certain color?


In table tennis what is the only colour that players are not allowed to wear?


Do tennis players wear thongs when they're playing?

yes some them do

Why do women wear skirts while playing tennis even though it is a sport?

Women wear skirts while playing tennis because it has become a tradition over the years to do so. When tennis was first played women wore skirts, so it just stuck with the sport. Although, nowadays they are usually skorts (skirts with shorts attached) to make things more appropriate since the length is very short. This is what I was told. If it's not true...sorry :) I hope I helped!

Why do males wear trousers and female wear skirts?

beacause males have a dick and it would hang out the bottom of a short skirt

What do girl tennis players wear?

they wear a sports bra and shorts and headband! im 9! SMART!

Do Scottish girls wear skirts?

yes. They wear tartan skirts.

In what sport do the players wear all white?

Tennis at Wimbledon and Test cricket

Why don't professional tennis players ever wear sunglasses?

Too restrictive

Why do tennis players sometimes wear headbands?

Simply to keep sweat out of their eyes.

What did serfs clothes look like?

the female had to wear skirts or dresses and the male wears pants