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To encourage their team, and to suceed in winning the match/matches.

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Q: Why do fans sing at football matches?
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What do the English football fans sing?

They sing "We love you Wales, we do. We love you Wales, we do. We love you Wales, we do. Oh Wales, we love you!" at most matches.

What do the fans sing at the University of California football games?

louie louie

Why do football fans sing ring of fire?

You can't sing 'ring of fire' as the Dario G version, played at football grounds, has no words.

What do the fans sing at California football games?

During California football games, the fans will sing "Fight for California". This is the official fight song of the school with the full name University of California Berkeley (Cal).

What percentage attends football matches?

100% of the people who attend football matches attend football matches.

What is the sound made by the Fans in FIFA World Cup 2010?

Sound of the Vuvuzelas. Vuvuzela is a blowing horn commonly blown by fans at the football matches in South Africa.

Best football fans in the world?

The best football fans in the world is England Football fans.

When do people sing the national anthem?

At football games, boxing matches, national holidays, ect important things for the country

Is there rugby hooliganism?

Although there may be a small amount of rugby fans who become violent at matches, this is absolutely nothing compared to football

Does Birmingham city football club have the shepherd Psalm when they do something?

No. It is West Bromwich Albion fans who sing Psalm 23,

What do the fans do before a Liverpool Football Club game?

Hold their scarves in the air, and sing, You'll Never Walk Alone.

Why does UEFA separate fans for Champions League matches?

The UEFA separate fans of the Champions League matches because of the passions involved in such matches. The separation helps the security team to manage the security of the matches.

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