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Ski goggles protect you from both the sun's glare off the snow and snow, sleet, or another kind of precipitation from getting in your eye. Snow is the 3rd most reflective surface and ski goggles take the place of sunglasses. Also when you ski snow or other precipitation can fly into your face and ski goggles can protect you from this getting in your eyes.

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Q: Why do downhill skiers wear goggles?
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Why do skiers wear ski goggles while skiing?

To keep the snow out of their eyes !

Why do snow skiers and snowboarders wear goggles?

There are two main reasons why snowboarders and skiers wear goggles. The main reason is to keep snowflake out of there eyes when its snowing and to keep there face from getting cold. The other main reason is for looks. No different than there outfit.

What European country is famous for its downhill skiers?


How fast were the winning skiers?

That depends on the event. In the mens downhill skiers can easily reach 85 MPH in some sections.

Old skiers never die they just?

Go downhill pretty quickly

What clothing do skiers wear?

they wear normal clothes

Why do girl lacrosse players have to wear goggles?

they have to wear goggles because they dont want to wear helmets so they wear goggles. they need some sort of protection and the girls arent into wearing helmets hence the goggles.

What do skiers where to protect their eyes?

goggles lol ex. oakley, smith and scott to name a few

What do skiers wear?

skier gear

Why is it important to wear goggles?

Goggles are important to wear ,because you may be able to get some dangerous chemicals.

It is safe to perform a lab experiment without goggles when?

NO! If you dont wear goggles that experiment may go horibly wrong NOMATTER WHAT ALWAYS WEAR goggles

Why do dentists wear goggles?

Dentists wear goggles to protect themselves from exposure to patients' bodily fluids, such as blood or saliva.

What is the proper attire when conducting an experiment with your eyes?

Wear goggles. If you wear eyeglasses,put a pair of bigger goggles over it.

How can you wear goggles with long hair?

You have put your hair up, then put the goggles on.

How do you wear goggles in the lab?

Make sure the goggles cover the eyes well.

What kind of race goggles did Dale Earnhardt Sr wear?

Bubble goggles

What eye protection do you wear in the snow?

Snow mobile goggles or just goggles

When do you wear safety goggles?

You wear safety goggles when you need to protect you eyes For Example: When using chemical in chemistry class you should always use safety goggles

What is carol forgot to wear her safety goggles?

It is a poster to remind high school students to wear goggles while in a chemistry lab

Why should you wear goggles when using machienes?

You wear goggles when working with some kinds of machines to protect you eyes from flying debris.

Who is Bode Miller?

Bode Miller is one of the best downhill skiers ever to ski the FIS World Cup. He won 2 silver medals in the 2005 Olympics. But she won't be returning this year. 2nd answer: Bodie is a "he". He is one of the few skiers to have wins in all of the alpine events-slalom, giant slalom, super gs, and downhill.

What materials do skiers use?

Ski bibs, heavy waterproof jacket, beanie, ear cover thing, goggles, and face mask

What clothes do skiers wear?

They wear heavy Jackets and heavy snow pants to keep warm

Why do scientist wear safety goggles?

Scientists, and others, wear safety goggles when they are working with corrosive, irritating, or toxic chemicals. If the chemicals got in their eyes eye damage could result. The goggles are to prevent that. Some scientists do not work with chemcials that do that, and those people do not wear safety goggles.

What do alpine skiers wear?

Alpine Skiers wear a full body suit made of a wind and water proof fabric. On the inside there is a non-removable liner made if nylon, silk, cotton, or taffeta.