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Deep inside the sea, there is much more pressure and as such much more quantity of nitrogen is dissolved in body fluids and fat.When deep sea divers comes out suddenly on the surface of water, this dissolved nitrogen comes out forming air bubbles in the body cells and blood vessels causing serious damage. So deep sea divers have to were very strong suits.

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Q: Why do deep sea divers have to wear very strong diving suits?
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Why deep sea divers wear diving suits?

Deep sea divers wear diving suits in order to prevent their body by the harmful effects of maximum pressure at greater depth in seas and ocean.

Why deep sea divers wear suit?

Deep sea divers wear diving suits in order to prevent their body by the harmful effects of maximum pressure at greater depth in seas and ocean.

Why do deep sea divers wear very strong diving suits?

To keep the immense pressure from crushing them.AdditionUnless in a 1 atmosphere suit, it will not protect from pressure and a diver will never be crushed anyway. So the answer is for protection and warmth.

How do you do deep diving in the ocean?

Deep diving in the ocean is done very carefully in special suits and helmets. Pressure under the ocean is significant and can be immense by the time you are down a few hundred feet. Scuba diving is sometimes used commercially, but only to depths of about 120 feet. - Many large dockyards and navies employ 'clearance divers ' to repair items on the bottom of ships and work on the dockyard floor. These divers wear heavy canvas suits and large hard helmets, fed air by lines from the surface. They can work down to 300 feet deep or so. Research and oilfield divers can wear special hard suits that allow them to go down almost 1,000 ft. These divers often wear "Newt suits" made by the Canadian company Nuytco Research in Vancouver.

Why do scuba divers not get crushed by the weight of water when they are diving?

They do not dive deep enough.

The deep sea divers kept warm by wearing suits that water could not penetrate.?

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Why would divers dive in very deep waters?

Divers Dive in deep waters because the air tank isn't necessary in shallow waters diving in shallow waters would not make access to air. In deep water the water pressure is so strong that the air tank is necessary to keep them for a supply of air. Secondly in deep waters the exciting views such as coral reefs and the different type of fishes and other underwater sights that are studies are ALL located in deep waters. There fore Diving is best done in Deep waters. Most technical diving is done in deep water (more than the recreational limit of 130 feet) because that is where the work is - oil rigs and such. For recreational divers, there is an allure of going where few other people can go, and the 100-130 foot range is particularly alluring, as very few divers are qualified to go there.

Why do deep sea drivers wear special suits?

Deep sea divers wear special suits to keep their body from getting too cold. They also wear these suits to keep from being crushed under the pressure.

What has the author Peter B Bennett written?

Peter B. Bennett has written: 'The physiology and medicine of diving and compressed air work' -- subject(s): Deep diving, High pressure (Science), Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Deep diving, Physiological effect, Submarine medicine 'The Physiology and Medicine of Diving' 'To the very depths' -- subject(s): Anesthesiologists, Divers Alert Network, Divers, Biography

What are the dangers of pearl diving?

Dangers of pearl diving include drowning due to deep water blackout, decompression sickness, hypothermia, and dangerous creatures and environmental risks. Because of the deep distances that pearl divers go, deep water blackout is the cause of most pearl diving deaths.

Why do deep sea divers need to wear special suits?

Thermal protection - water at depth can be very cold.

What contribution did eads and roebling's make to bridge construction?

Use of and invention of deep water caisons for divers, the diving bell