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they need cardio vascular endurance because they run for a long period of time and need pleanty or cardiovascular endurance to help them run for a longer period of time

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Q: Why do cross country runners need cardiovascular endurance?
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What type of diet is best for biking?

Cycling is basically an endurance sport, so you should do well with the same diet as other endurance athletes, cross-country skiers, runners ASO.

What does a cross country running eat?

I am currently in cross country, and I am a cross country runner. Cross country runners basically eats a lot of fruit to keep healthy. What matters most for cross country runners is keeping their urine clear.

Why is cardiovascular endurance important for cross country running?

Cardiovascular endurance is imperative for cross country running because you are putting your body to intense aerobic activity for more than one hour every day. When you train for cross country, you are most likely running approximately 50 miles a week (it varies among high schools, and is a lot more in college!). Therefore, you must have a strong heart to endure the long distance. Moreover, it is imperative because cross country races are either 3 miles, 5000m, 8000m, 10000m. Clearly, this is a large distance to be running at a fast pace. Cardiovascular endurance will help you maintain your pace for that distance.

How many cross country runners are there?

On a highschool cross country team there can be seven runners that score points for the team. These runners are considered varsity and run in the bigger meets for the team.

What type of exercise is cross country running?


What are some famous cross country runners?

bob duncan

How are the runners Identified in cross country?

By their numbers on the back of there t-shirt

What are examples of muscular endurance sports?

I would say cross country running.

Can you compete in high school cross country as a team with only 5 runners?

Yes, 5 runners score points.

How many runners can be on a cross country running team?

For high school, the top seven runners are the varsity runners. The top five to cross the finish line are scored for the team. Everyone else is junior varsity.

Does downhill skiing increase cardiorespiratory endurance?

Some, but not as much as cross-country skiing

Is cross country training at school helpful?

Yes, it really improves your fitness and endurance.

How does Fartlek benefit a cross country runner?

It builds speed and endurance at the same time

How many high school cross country runners in US?

about 57,667 highschool atletes run cross country in the US according to online

Varsity letter cross country?

You must be in the top 7 runners on your team to be on Varsity.

Can cross country runners eat anything they want?

yes, except for raw meat

How does cross country running affect your cardiovascular fitness?

Cross country running is a very demanding sport in which you have to push yourself for long periods of time, so therefore it is safe to say that it improves your cardiovascular fitness a lot.

What is the best sport for cardiovascular fitness?

The top sport for cardiovascular health is Cross Country Skiing but swimming is a close second.also track and field

Where can you find children's cross country shoes?

I use db sports, runners world, eastbay and fitnesssports

How is skiing a sport?

It uses much endurance. It is actually very hard to go up hills and cross country.

Are there any competitions in star stable autumn riders?

Of course!!! There is cross-country, jumping, and endurance! Get the game now!

Why do you need muscular endurance in cross country?

Because otherwise your muscles will get too tired before the end of the race.

Are skeletoes good for cross-country?

Yes they are because they can be used on any terrain and a lot of Marathon runners use them.

What is a good cross country score?

A good score in a cross country race where you run 7 runners and score the top 5 is 15. 15 is also a perfect score which is only achieved if your top 5 runners finish in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places.

What are the skills needed to cross country skiing?

Major endurance, strength, the willingness to not give up. I cross contry ski and I have to run 15k a day no stop.