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Because it bring international attention and fame and could make the country soem money, too.

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Q: Why do countries want to host the Olympics so much?
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Were is the 2030 Olympics?

Nobody is sure yet. To choose which country the Olympics will take place in, they have a bid. Countries that want to host the Olympics put a bid.

Why did Hitler want to host the Olympics?

To show off Germany and his government to other countries. To promote himself and his idea of racial supremacy (aryans)

Why would a city want to host the Olympics?

International fame.

Why was London a good place for the Olypics?

It was not a good place for the olympics. That's not how it works. All the countries that want to host the olympics bid against each other and England just happened to win.

Why do countries want medals from the winter Olympics?

same reason for the summer Olympics

How can there be 204 countries in the Olympics?

I want to know the answer to this too!

Who chooses the city to host the Olympics?

Any country/city who wishes to host the Olympics can place a bid. The Olympic Committee then selects one of them.Cities that want to host the Olympics submit bids and then the bids are reviewed by the Olympic committee and are then chosen and informed if they meet the credentials

Why a countries participate in Olympics?

Coz they want medals and have fun. Answered by an athlete.

Who decides where the Olympics takes place?

The Olympics committee. The cities who want to host it present their offer, and the committee then picks one, after thoroughly looking at their presentations and other factors.

What are Australia's expectations for the Olympics?

the australians want to win as much medals as possible

How much do tickets cost to get into the Olympics?

It depends how old you are and what event you want to see

Does the Olympic torch just go around the host country for the relay or around the world in the Winter Olympics?

It all depends on what that country want to do.

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