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same reason for the summer Olympics

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Q: Why do countries want medals from the winter Olympics?
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Why a countries participate in Olympics?

Coz they want medals and have fun. Answered by an athlete.

What are Australia's expectations for the Olympics?

the australians want to win as much medals as possible

Are the medals at the Olympics pure gold sliver or bronze?

yes. It is the Olympics so they want posh proper stuff

How can there be 204 countries in the Olympics?

I want to know the answer to this too!

When were the Olympics last in America?

The last Olympics in America were held in 1996 by Atlanta, but if you want the winter olympics then Salt Lake City in 2002

Then how many medals won by North Korea and South Korea separately?

Depends on which Olympics you want to know about.

Were is the 2030 Olympics?

Nobody is sure yet. To choose which country the Olympics will take place in, they have a bid. Countries that want to host the Olympics put a bid.

What does it mean when a television show is syndicated?

It means the show is run by more than one channel. Olympics are syndicated because many if not all countries want to show their local heroes winning medals or just taking part in the games.

How many medals were awarded during the 2012 Olympics?

About maybe 300. If you want to know exactly how much, you can download the app. Type in London 2012 olympic results, and then add up all the medals posted.

Who won the most silver medals in the 2004 Olympics?

The United States won the most silver medals at the 2004 Summer Olympics. They won 39 silver to go with their 36 gold and 27 bronze for a total of 102 medals won.

Why is racquetball not an Olympic sport?

the main reason is racquetball is not popular enough.....internationally. Racquetball is mostly played in the USA and i've heard other countries dont want the USA to get more medals. Thats why other countries want to get rid of baseball and softball (i've heard). And this annoys me because they have things like trampoline and tug-of-war in the summer olympics.

Who are the people who won this years Olympics?

china. In reality the people who participate in the Olympics represent their country and therefore it is the country and not the people, who win the Olympics. It is the country with the most medals that is considered as a winner - if you want to think like that. In reality the above answer "china" is incorrect as the final medals table has indicated. Here are the top five in the final medals order. 1. USA 2. People's Republic of China 3. Great Britain. 4. Russian Federation 5. Republic of Korea. The overall winners at the the London 2012 Olympics is USA and not China and if you want to look at "people," then it can be said "Americans" (USA).

When is Michael Phelps going to stop swimming in the Olympics?

He says that he has stopped and that he will not be in the 2016 Olympic games. Sadly he is going to stop swimming in the Olympics when he is 30. He said at the winter Olympics that 2012 olympis will be his last Olympics because he will be 27, and he doesn't want to swim at the Olympics after he 30. :(

How many countries currently participate participate in the winter games?

as many countries as they want, there isn't a rule on how many countries can enter. In the 2010 Vancouver games, there were 82 teams.

Does the Olympic torch just go around the host country for the relay or around the world in the Winter Olympics?

It all depends on what that country want to do.

How do you get in the winter Olympics?

first you practice what sport you want to take then you call a tv news canel so you can get an interveiw and just keep at it until you are the best

Why was London a good place for the Olypics?

It was not a good place for the olympics. That's not how it works. All the countries that want to host the olympics bid against each other and England just happened to win.

Why has it taken so long for America to hold the olympic games?

America is one of hundreds of countries in the world - they all want to hold Olympics

Why did Hitler want to host the Olympics?

To show off Germany and his government to other countries. To promote himself and his idea of racial supremacy (aryans)

What did hitler want from the Olympics?

He just wanted to prove that he wasn't taking away peoples freedoms, and he wanted to appear normal for neighboring countries.

You want to know about the Olympics?

Come every 4 years meaning that they always come on an 'odd numbered' year. They do summer sports and all year round sports but not winter ('snowy and icy') sports. Here are the years and venues of recent Olympics and Olympics in the near future (Please fill these in):1976- Montreal, Canada, North America1980- Moscow, Russia, Asia1984- Los Angeles, USA, North America1988- Seoul, Korea, Asia1992- Barcelona, Spain, Europe1996- Atlanta, USA, Northe America2000- Sydney, Australia, Oceania2004- Athens, Greece, Europe2008- Beijing, China, Asia2012- London, England, UK, Europe2016- ?2020- ?----Come every 4 years like the Summer ones. These do have the 'snowy and icy' sports and come exactly between the summer ones so for example, the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics were two years before the Beijing ones and two years after the Athens Olympics. There is always a 2 year gap between the two different types of Olympics.Summer Olympics 2 years Winter Olympics 2 years Summer Olympics 2 years Winter Olympics etc... ----A list of the Winter Olympics that are either recent or in the near future:1994- Lillehammer, Norway, Europe1998- Nagano, Japan, Asia2002- Salt Lake, USA, North America2006- Turin, Italy, Europe,2010- Vancouver, Canada, North America2014- Sochi, Russia, Asia2018- ?2022- ?NB: Please fill in the above spaces when the countries have been chosen----Check out countries bids on sites like Wikipedia if you want to see the possible venues for the next Olympics. Please visit:

Why would a country want to host the Winter Olympics?

International prestige. Financial benefits also people would come to visit the country so it has tourism benefits

Why do countries want to host the Olympics so much?

Because it bring international attention and fame and could make the country soem money, too.

What is the hottest Olympic sport?

It depends on your opinion. Apparently, the top 3 for both type of the Olympics are as they are below: Winter Olympics #1: Women`s Figure Skating #2: Half Pipe #3: Pair Figure Skating Summer Olympics #1: Men`s Swimming #2: Men`s Running #3: Women`s Swimming I see a pattern in that. Anyway I`ve researched and now can show a few more details. Percentage of Women watching Winter Olympics: 82% Percentage of Women watching Summer Olympics: 84% Percentage of Men watching Winter Olympics: 73% Percentage of Men watching Summer Olympics: 64% Percentage of Girls watching Winter Olympics: 45% Percentage of Girls watching Summer Olympics: 11% Percentage of Boys watching Winter Olympics: 27% Percentage of Boys watching Summer Olympics: 36% Winter Olympics are more popular, and so that means Women`s Figure Skating is the hottest Olympic sport. After comparing this all to that all, I`ve noticed what is most popular. But most popular->hottest, so it`s "hottest", as some people say. I, myself, prefer Pair Figure Skating, but people can think what they want. Luge->not as popular as->mens figure skating->not as popular as->womens figure skating Pair Figure skating falls in about 4th place for Winter Olympics. Luge is about 7th though.

What kind of skills do you need for the Olympics?

This depends on the sport you want to play during the summer or winter Olympics. The most common skills needed for any sport are endurance, drive, will to win, and the most important ones of all, team work and support.