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the white stripes make the ball more visible in the air.

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Q: Why do college footballs have white strips around them?
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Why are there white stripes on college and high school footballs but not on NFL footballs?

White stripes are "easy" to see and follow by receivers. This is the reason why PRO´s do not use them...

What is a normal colour of a cocoon?

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Why do footballs have a ring around it?

In night games the Colleges use footballs with white rings on each end so if the footballs are passed by the Quarterback or kicked by either a punter or kicker, the football is easily seen. So the answer is : so the football can be seen.

Are NFL footballs bigger than high school footballs?

Yes. Another difference between them that I know of is that pro-footballs don't have white lines and high school footballs do.

How many white xantax footballs do you need to take to feel it?

I take the white footballs and i would guess about eight because that equals a bar.

Are zebras black with white strips or white with black strips?

They are white with black strips. If you look at one up close there is a white background to the zebra..

Are footballs in high schools different from official NFL footballs?

Yes, high school footballs are smaller and usually have two white stripes (NCAA regulation) near the ends.

What color is a football?

Most Footballs are brown with white markings

Why are NFL footballs larger than NCAA footballs?

Both the NCAA and the NFL footballs have the same specifications. The specifications of these footballs are: Short Circumference: 20 3/4"- 21 1/4": Long Circumference 27 3/4 "- 28 1/2 "; Weight: approximately 14-15 oz. In college, the football includes a white stripe making it easier to view in flight. Otherwise, contrary to popular belief, the specifications, according to rule books, are identical.

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In which year was the use of white footballs first authorised?


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Zebras have black stripes.

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it depends on the breed of the zebra Luv ya xx

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Is justin bieber afraid of white footballs?

no at least i dont think so

What is the difference between a football and a baseball?

The differences are many! Where to start?? A football is oblong, although there is probably a fancier term for its shape. It is sewn from several strips of leather. Footballs are typically brown, stippled leather. Footballs are filled with air to a standard pressure. One seam is finished from the outside, like when you sew a pillow, so it has large laces to finish the seam. A baseball is round. From what I recall, it is made from a single piece of leather which has a convoluted shape when laid flat before sewing it around a solid fibrous core. Baseballs are typically white, smooth leather.

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Reflective strips are those luminous strips that are usually put on clothing. They reflect light when put under white or bright light

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