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Cause its #swagg

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Q: Why do college football players wear short socks and NFL players wear long socks?
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Why do pro football players wear socks and college players dont?

why not!

Why do college football teams wear shorter pants than nfl players?

At every level of football, the pants are the same length but the NFL mandates that all players wear socks up to the knees to completely cover the legs.

What are all the college football teams wearing for socks?


What football players wore?

What do you mean? Jersey, Shorts, Socks, Cleats, and Shin Guards.

How do you put on a football uniform?

The uniform jersey usually includes a football jersey, a vest, a short, a pair of socks a pair of boots, and a pair of shin guards for the outfield players. A football player can start with any order and conclude with the boots.

Do you wear socks under football socks?

Many players wear socks, stockings, or some other cloth layer under their shin guards to prevent chaffing.

Why do football players wear tape around there socks?

to avoid the shin pad to slide downwards.

Are hockey socks different from football socks?

Hockey socks have vertical ribs. Football socks are smooth. We needed to get some hockey socks for part of a school and football socks will be fine.

What is the color of Uruguay's football strip?

Sky-blue shirt, black short and socks.

Why do football players were white socks over their football socks?

It is a combination of fashion choice and comfort. Wearing a white sports sock is more comfortable than a football sock because they are softer, thicker and more technical. They dont slip down the foot like a football sock

What is the difference between regular socks and football socks?

The main difference between regular socks and football socks is that football socks are quite a bit longer. They usually come up as far as the knees and they are also thicker.

What do Australians play football in?

Australian footballers wear much the same as soccer and rugby players: team guernseys, shorts, club socks and studded football boots.

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