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Some hockey teams might have better hockey areas to play on and have a better chance to win. Some people might not know how to play hockey and that is why some teams are lacking hockey players.

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Q: Why do certain hockey teams have considerably more players than others?
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Who is the best hockey player in the world?

Wayne Gretzky #99 is considered the best hockey player in history by most historians. If speaking of currently active hockey players, opinions differ, but include Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos, Alex Ovechkin among others.

What hockey players autographs are worth?

a lot! some players maybe only a few hundred dollors others into the thousands, deceased players can be in the hundred of thousands, worth more than other sports and celebritys

Who Is Better Toews Or Kane?

Toews is better. He is alot more agressive. He always sets Kane and others up.

Who were all the players to wear 17 for the habs?

George Laraque in 2009's Hockey season but i dunno the others :( srry Others include: Benoit Brunet, Rod Langway, Craig Ludwig, Jean-Guy Talbot

Do you think Figure skaters and hockey players are good and or cute as a cupple and friends?

i personally think that any girl and guy that are athletically involved in a sport make a great couple. However, it doesn't have to be related sports, such as hockey with figure skaters, football players with cheerleaders, and so on and so forth. I think that as long as the couple is rather athletic and honestly respects each others sports, that they make a great couple. However, there are famous figure skaters with hockey players, you just have to find the hockey player that is nice and respectful, most are, but you have the occasional exception.

Should a field hockey stick be stiff or flexible?

Somewhere in the middle; some players prefer a stiff stick while others like a flexible one. It is up to each player.

What are some offences in hockey?

There are many offences in either form of hockey, some of which are similar and others of which are unique. In field hockey, common offenses include touching the ball with the feet, body or the back of the stick, playing the ball dangerously (by raising it or otherwise being unsafe around other players) and hacking. In ice hockey, common offenses are hacking, icing, fighting and illegal bodychecking.

Why is field hockey not very well liked?

Mainly because it is a very unpopular sport. Not many players to play the game, but I as well as others find it entertaining. :) It all depends on the type of person you are.

Do hockey players buy their own hockey sticks?

Some at the highest level may be sponsored their stick (either having it paid for by a sponsor or given directly to them by the manufacturer for publicity) and others at the lowest may borrow a friend's stick. However, almost all will buy their own stick.

How does a hockey goalie use the bathroom in the middle of a game?

This may sound gross, but older NHL players used to go in their pants. Others simply hold it in. Sadly, there is currently no easy solution to this problem.

Are all instrument players get equal pay in an orchestra?

No, they do not. The highest paid is the concertmaster, which is the 1st chair violin. Other 1st chair players make more than lower players, and some instruments are paid more than others. Wind players are more valuable, because the sections are smaller and everything is one player to a part.

Where can one check online reliable hockey rumors?

Popular viral websites such as Facebook host pages called "Hockey Rumors" that divulge in such information. There is also a host of other web pages on the internet- some are specific to certain teams, others prefer to look at general rumors.

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