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Because then they wouldn't be CAMEL jockeys, they would be HORSE jockeys. And there is a huge difference between the two.

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2010-10-12 23:45:00
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Q: Why do camel jockeys race camels not horses?
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What athletes ride race horses?


If a camel and a horse race who would win?

Horses are faster in short stretches. If the race was long over the desert, then camels would win.

Would a camel beat a zebra in a race?

nope, cause a zebra is half horse and horses are fasters than camels

Do jockeys physically whip their horses in the race?

yes they do

Who rides horses in a race?

Jockeys. And who ever else that wants to.

Are Land Rovers the only vehicle allowed in camel races?

Camels are not allowed to drive Land Rovers, even in Dubai. The only vehicles allowed to race in camel races are camels.

How do jockeys choose their horses?

The trainers actually approach the jockeys about riding their horses, but if a jockey is offered multiple mounts for the same race, the jockey chooses based on which one he thinks has the best chance of winning.

How do they handicap horses?

Hanicapping is a complicated method which is practiced in racehorses to try and make the race more even. The best horses will be given the highest weight to carry, and the more inferior horses will carry less, the aim is too make the race more even chanced, although usually the best horses will do best because they will have the best jockeys, and probably very light jockeys.

Are camels dangerous animals?

No, they are not. Camels are passive animals which peacefully co-habit with humans just like cows and horses. Matter of fact, camels are used to transport people and supplies over deserts, just like a horse does on normal land. Because camels can survive longer without water in harsher environments than horses. They also provide milk, just like cows. Camels are peaceful animals which cohabit alongside humans and help the human race to prosper. The only real danger from a camel is if you threaten a young or baby camel, the herd or mother will charge at you and kick you with their powerful legs to protect the young.

Are thoroughbred race jockeys listed somewhere?

There are no thoroughbred race jockey lists available online. You can search them individually by name or by horse's name. There are lists of celebrities who have thoroughbred horses.

Two sons will ride camels in a race and the last camel to cross the finish line wins the race and they get advice from a wise man?

This is an oldie but a goodie. They each mount the other son's camel. This way, they want to beat the other camel because it's the one tied to their fortune.

What are the poles on a horse race for?

The poles are there for the jockeys' to know how far they are from the finish line. They are also used by trainers to clock a horses racing fractions.

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