Why do boys play girls?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Its not really only boys that play girls. Some girls play boys, but boys don't do much about it. I've been played. I've played a guy. It's just hormones. Try not to let it get to you or he'll seem vulnerable.

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Q: Why do boys play girls?
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Boys can only play drums not girls?

no; both girls and boys can play drums

Why do boys play girls and girls play boys?

Sometime there are gay or then just like play the game

Can girls do anything boys can do?

yes girls can do things boys boys can do..... like for example, some boys play football. some girls play football and other sports do.

Who plays better in basketball girls or boys?

Boys. But Girls Can Play

Was basketball was introduced in many nation by the boys and girls club?

yes it was introduced by the boys and girls club because it is unisex game girls and boys can play it. eventhough it is mostly for boys ,girls can play it to.

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it is not should girls can play but they can play

Do teen girls like boys who play basebll I am a baseball player in high school?

Some teen girls like boys who play baseball, but not all teen girls like boys who play baseball.

Is cricket a sport for girls?

I guess girls can play but boys normaly play.

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Boys have more energy them girls. Girls are tame. Boys aren't as may people can see.

Can girls do what boys do?

play Scrabble

Why are boys not allowed to play on a girls team?

When boys and girls get to be about 13 years old, the boys generally become stronger and faster. As a result, most of the girls would not get much of a chance to play.

Is the oboe for boys?

no its not that only for boys, girls can also play it...