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Q: Why do big sails go faster than small sails?
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Why do big sails go faster than smaller sails?

Bigger sails can handle the waves of the ocean well than the smaller vessels and bigger sails has bigger engines on them giving them more power and stability in the ocean

Does a small car go faster than a big car?

depend on its engine

Do small parachutes land faster than big ones?

The bigger the parachute, the slower the descent so yes small parachutes do land faster.

Can quick sand drown small things faster than big things?


Why does a small potato cook faster than a big potato?

There is more potato to cook.

Does a big seed grow faster than a small seed?

i dont think so

How much faster do bigger dogs age than small dogs?

That is not possible small dogs can run quiet fast for their size maybie faster!but big dogs are very fast too,as the small dogs are lighter than big so that's why!

Do big bubbles pop faster than small bubbles?

big bubbles can pop pretty fast but small bubbles can't pop faster. by. Adam 8) I like bubbles. :P

Will a big marble go faster than a small marble and why?

A bigger marble will go faster because it has more weight.

Does a large animal lose heat faster or slower than a small animal?

Big animals lose heat faster than small animals because they have more area to release heat

Can a small dog run faster than a big dog?

Yes, it depends on the breeds of the dog

Does a big snail travel faster than a small snail?


Are big robots or small robots faster?

I think that big robots because they make bigger steps than the smaller robots...;)

Do big dogs learn faster than little dogs?

if their the same age no but if the big dog is older then the small one yes

Which run fast a small car or big tracks?

Small cars are typically faster because of their center of gravity and because of how much less they weigh than a big truck

Why does charcoal powder burns faster than a charcoal block?

Smaller mass burns faster than a big mass. Charcoal block is one big body, but charcoal powder is alot of small bodies, they spread the heat faster because every single little piece burns faster.

Does a big wheel go faster than a little wheel?

Does a big wheel go faster than a little wheel?

Do big bubbles fall faster than small bubbles?

Yes, bigger bubbles reach the ground sooner than smaller bubbles do.

Will a little pot or big pot boil first?

The deeper the water the longer it will take to boil. So if you put a small amount in a big pan it will boil much faster than a small amount in a small pan.

What is faster small car or big car?

It is the power to weight ratio and aerodynamics that makes one car faster than another, not necessarily it's physical size.

Does a small marble go faster than a big marble?

Okay well most likely a big marble will go fast because more weight...

What leaf can photosynthesis faster between big leaf and small leaf?

big leaves

Does a small paper airplane fly faster then a BIG one?

A smaller airplane flies faster

Why do small birds heart beat faster than big birds?

Well its because Small birds have small wings so they don't have as much air under the wings unlike big birds so in place of that the small birds beat their wings faster which common sence tells you that the heart rate goes up

Why do small animals sleep more than bigger animals?

small animals sleep more than big animals because of their heart small animals have fast heartbeates but big has slow so the faster heartbeates you have the more tired you get by doing works ( i think this is the answer0