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NBA teams have different jerseys for Basketball to look different than the opposing team and to also just change the jerseys. it is very smart cause like the Sacramento Kings have 4 types of jerseys to have different colors for different games.

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Q: Why do basketball teams have alternate away jerseys?
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How do baseball teams pick their jerseys for the day?

It is usually up to the starting pitcher to decide if the team will wear their regular Home/Away jerseys or an alternate jersey.

Why are there three colors of jerseys on some nba teams?

Every team has a home and away jersey. In addition, each team must have a white jersey. The teams choose their colors and feature them on their jerseys and court. Also some teams have special alternate jerseys or throwback jerseys. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers wear purple for away games, yellow for home games and special white jerseys for home games on Sundays.

What Color Are The Jerseys Of The Chicago Bears?

Their jerseys can be either blue (home), white (away), or orange (alternate).

How many uniforms do the New York Yankees have?

The Yankees generally have a home, away and alternate jersey that they wear to coordinate with the occasion. Some teams, including the Yankees, have throwback days, in where the teams wear jerseys that were worn by past teams in other decades.

Why do visiting basketball teams wear dark jerseys while visiting football teams wear light jerseys?

== == The home team in football gets to choose whether they wear light or dark colors depending on the weather; if it's cold out then the home team will usually wear dark colors to soak up heat and sunlight. Light colors reflect sunlight so the home team will wear light colors when it is hot outside. Basketball teams don't have the choice so they wear light colors at home and dark colors when they are away. Sometimes, the visiting basketball teams will wear light jerseys. It all depends on what the home team wants to wear. There will also be times when the home team will wear retro jerseys and the away team will wear colored jerseys, so no team has light jerseys.

When and why do the patriots wear silver jerseys?

The silver jerseys are the Patriots Alternate Jerseys. Why do they wear them? Basically its a marketing strategy developed by the leage, letting the teams offer for sale more than standard two (home/away) authentic/replica game jerseys. When do the wear them? The Pats wear them only on occasion, but the dates they do wear them are not immediately announced at the beginning of the season.

Why do basketball teams wear dark jerseys to away games and light jerseys at home games and what year did this start?

Well, if the reason is the same as the jersey situation for hockey, I know that the teams would wear dark jerseys while they were away because they didn't always have laundry facilities available to them when they were on a road trip. Since dirt shows up less on dark jerseys, a dark jersey would "last" a lot longer than a light one would.

What mariners players wore?

Could you be a bit more specific? The Mariners have worn several different jerseys since they were enfranchised in 1977, not to mention the fact that baseball teams (ours included) generally have four uniforms at a time (home, away, alternate 1, and alternate 2).

How do you get the basketball jerseys on nba basketball showdown?

You have to win games in order for you to get your opponent's away jersey.Your not getting your opponent's home jersey.Your only getting the away jersey.

Why do some baseball teams have names on their jerseys while other teams do not?

It tends to be a matter of home team etiquette overcoming blatant commercial advertising of a player's name. Teams like the Red Sox and Dodgers and Yankees (the Red Sox are the only one I can name for sure) don't put the names of the players on the home jerseys, probably because the hometown faithful are expected to know who they are. On the road jerseys, however, their names are listed, as is the case with any teams that have blank home jerseys that I know of. **** Correction. The Yankees do not have their names on their home jerseys OR their away jerseys.

What happen to the alternate black jerseys that the Jaguars wear?

They dont use them anymore. Instead they use a green jersey for home and a white jersey for away.

What color is the away jersey for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The away jersey of the Philadelphia Eagles is much like the home jersey except the colors are reversed. On the home jerseys there is dark green and the number, logo, and name is white, on the away jersey IT IS WHITE AND THE NUMBER, LOGO, AND NAME IS DAEK GREEN. Also the alternate jerseys are the same as the home jerseys, except the dark green is replaced with black.

Can both teams wear their home jerseys during the same contest in an NCAA football game?

Yes, both teams can wear their home uniforms during a game. As long as they are contrasting colors. For example- the University of Oklahoma Sooners' home jerseys are crimson. If and when they play a team whose home jerseys are white, then both teams would be wearing their home jerseys. Oklahoma wearing their home red and the other team wearing their home white. Oklahoma couldn't wear their away jersey's because then both teams would be wearing white.

Do sports teams wear white or color uniforms during away games?

Away sports teams wear their away kit in away games. Unless that kit is similar to the home team's kit, in which case they will wear their home or alternate kit, to avoid confusion.

Mens college basketball- Why do the Syracuse Orangeman only play Pittsburgh one time and its away?

In the big east there are only 18 conference games and there are 16 big east teams there are some teams they play twice but most not but it will most likely alternate next year ie pitt @ su

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers wear their home or away jerseys in Super Bowl XLV?

The Steelers will be the away team. They will wear their white jerseys.

How many MLB teams do not have players names on the back of their jerseys?

The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants do not display their players' names on their home uniforms. While the Red Sox and Giants have their players' names on their away jerseys, the Yankees do not display them on their road jerseys.

Who decides which jersey the Boston Red Sox will wear for a game?

If it's a home game they wear their home jerseys and if it's an away game they wear the away jerseys.

Are all NFL away jerseys white?

Home teams have the option of what color uniform to wear....most choose their team colors, so the visiting team will usually wear white.

Why the NHL teams wearing away jerseys in home games?

A few years ago, the NHL made the decision to switch jersey types, meaning color at home, and white on the road.

Do the New England Patriots wear different jerseys?

They wear different color jerseys. At home, they wear the blue (regular) jerseys. When they're away, they wear the white jerseys. They usually wear the silver jerseys every once in a while whenever they want to.

What were the disadvantages in Germany for hosting the world cup in 2006?

They didn't get to wear their away jerseys, which were by far better than their home jerseys.

What happens to championship losing jerseys?

To championship losing jerseys, the team burns them and throws them away. They following season, they order brand new ones to replace the championship losing jerseys.

What color are hockey away jerseys?

Away hockey jersey's are light color and home are dark in the NHL. It used to be the opposite a few years ago but teams can afford to wash the light jersey's. In the past, to avoid laundry, away teams used dark jersey's so not to see the dirt and not having to wash so much.But in other parts of hocky universe light is home and dark is away

Do the New York Yankees wear new uniforms each game?

The Yankees don't wear new uniforms each day, it costs them money. Iit depends on the stadium like if it's at Yankee Stadium they wear the home jerseys and if they are at another teams stadium like the Red Sox, the Yankees wear their away jerseys because they are away from the stadium.

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