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For Style and to endorse the product.

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Q: Why do basketball players wear arm sleeves?
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Why do football players wear arm sleeves?

Many players wear arm sleeves because they do not want to get turf burn. Turf burns are more relevant on the older style of turf.

Why do basketball players wear sleeves?

Basketball players wear sleeves on the arm they shoot with so it stays warm. In addition it is an extension of the wrist sweat bands from the old days, keeping the sweat from running down their arm and onto their shooting hand. Keeping their shooting hand dry is important for feel on the ball when passing, dribbling and shooting.

What do college basketball players wear on their arm?

Some people wear sweatbands or wristbands, but not everyone does.

Where can you find quality basketball arm sleeves?

What does a basketball arm sleeve do?

It's not only a fashion statement. Many NBA players and other professional athletes wear them to improve blood flow and prevent injuries. Many arm sleeves also have pads that protect the player's elbow when an impact occurs.

what do arm sleeves do for athletes?

The real reason for wearing them is for keeping your circulation in the arms going. For example, you would wear it on your shooting arm in basketball, but on both arms in tennis. Does that make sense?

What do basketball arm sleeves do?

They make your shot better Trust me Im a doctor

Some basketball players wear a full length arm elastic support what is it called?

it is called a "sleeve" its to keep sweat off your shooting arm

What are basketball arm sleeves for?

Check this out:

Why do NBA players wear shooting sleeves?

to keep their arm from flaring up also to keep the muscles tight so they dont get a cramp because if they put it on their shooting arm that arm wont be loose enough to find his/her shot

Where do most players get arm sleeves?

from a local sporting goods store like sportsauthority

What arm do you wear a basketball sleeve on?

on your right

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