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because they take steriod!

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Q: Why do basketball players use aerobic energy system?
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What are the energy systems being used when playing basketball?

CP System- Creatine Phosphate Lactic acid system- Produces lactic acid Aerobic system- Efficent producer of energy

Aerobic system uses what for energy?

ATP is the type of energy used in aerobic respiration

What is the energy system utilize with distance runner?

aerobic and anaerobic energy system.

What energy system requires oxygen?


Why does a marathon runner use the aerobic energy system?

Aerobic energy system is used for long durations sports such as a Football And Marathon Running As The Aerobic energy System is used for long distance sport activities and can only be active when oxygen is there.

What energy system do long distance swimmers use?

Aerobic energy

What sports use the aerobic energy system?

aerobic means using oxygen oxygen+glucose-----> carbon dioxide+water+energy so football boxing long distance running tennis bicycle skating swimming basketball skiing dancing

What energy system is used in rugby league?

All energy systems are used. ATP-PC Anaerobic Aerobic All players use the different systems throughout the game.

In what situation does your body use anaerobic and aerobic?

to keep it simple, short and sweet, look at it this way..... Anearobic= without oxygen aerobic= with oxygen a footballer, when playing, will use his/her aerobic energy system and his/her anerobic energy system. a 100m sprinter on the other hand will use only his/her anerobic systems where as a marathon runner will use there aerobic energy system more. your aerobic energy system is used for the long haul run where as you anerobic energy system will be used for your "Quick" bursts.

Which Energy system uses glucose fat and protein fuel?

Aerobic Energy System (Oxidative)

What energy systems are used in field hockey?

creatine phosphate energy system, latic acid energy system and aerobic energy system

Which energy system does it fuel lipids?

Lipids fuel your Aerobic System. EE

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