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Basketball players are rich. im only 10. my dad only makes 50,000 a year. i feel bad. basketball players get 20 million

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2008-02-21 21:33:08
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2020-04-15 19:19:58

basketball players are ritch, im ten and my dad mabie makes at least 1000 dollors a week idk now though but baskitball players sould be payed less

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Q: Why do basketball players get paid so much?
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How much do Austrailan basketball players get paid?

Less than American players for sure. Around 10k or so.

Why does basketball players make more money that soccer player if soccer is the most view sport in the world?

That is true in a way. In the US basketball is more popular than soccer. That is why basketball players are paid more. In other countries, soccer is more popular so soccer players get paid more. Soccer in the US is becoming increasingly popular. Soon soccer players could be paid as much as basketball players.

Do soccer players get paid more than basketball players?

Yes soccer players get paid more than basketball player. The reason for this is that Basketball is mostly funded by the US. Soccer is funded by many countries. So soccer is the higher paid sport.

Why do basketball players get paid so much money?

Basketball players get paid so much because they demand so much attention. Most people would pay cheap money to get in to see their favorite team play their most hated enemy. The question is, how high should the price of tickets go? Since the ticket prices are that high, the players get paid to play that amount of money. And, because they are just simply way to talented.

Why do basketball players need to be paid?

When they find out that a team really wants them so that they won't play for anyone else

Why do football players get paid so much?

They get paid so much because they suffer alot of injuries plus they pay for there insurance.

Are cricket players paid more or baseball players?

Cricket players get paid 500 million dollars a year, especially India after world cup, baseball players it is only 22 million. Cricket players are so much more rich and that's why most Indians and australians go to cricket instead of basketball, baseball, and football because there is more money.

How much money does basketball earn?

Basketball is a rich sport and there are legends that get paid 30+ a season so pretty much $1 a sec

Why do professional football players get paid so much?

because there are good sportsman

Why do basketball players grow so tall?

it's not basketball players being tall, it's tall people playing basketball

How much money does the average basketball player earn in 10 years?

It would be difficult to determine the overall average salary of all professional basketball players in the world. However, a simple average can be determined. The lowest paid professional basketball players are the lowest paid players in the WNBA at $35,880. The highest paid player in the 2011 season is Kobe Bryant at $24,806,250. The simple average between these is $12,421,065. This is by no means an accurate depiction of what the average basketball player makes. Basketball is played around the world, and the NBA is the most prestigious, highest paying league. The WNBA has 12 teams, six in each division (East and West). There are 684 players (currently-2011) in the WNBA. The highest paid among them (Lisa Leslie) makes $103,500, so the average is $69,690 a year. An estimate of the worldwide average for all professional basketball players would be in the area of $100,00 a year or less US.

How much do NCAA players make for winning a championship?

They are not paid so none at all

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