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its actually called an ankle guard, and its in case they foul tip the ball onto their foot.

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Q: Why do baseball players wear only one shin guard on their leg?
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Where can you find a bike baseball batting shin guard?


How do you prevent Shin Guard Rash?

I wanted to let you know that we have been told by players that our product will get rid of shin guard rash and prevent it from returning. Silver Edge Gear shin guard pads can be applied to new or used shin guards. They are lined with silver and silver prevents the growth of bacteria. Check them out at

What is the equiptment of baseball?

The only 100% necessary Equipment, is a baseball, a baseball mitt, A baseball bat, and Four bases. Extra equipment includes shin guards, batting gloves, a baseball hat and helmet, and an elbow guard.

How do you wear soccer shin guards?

Behind the sock. There are different ways to wear them, but they are always covered by a long soccer soccer. Some players may use shin guard sleeves to help keep them in place, and others also wear a shorter sock under the shin guard as well.

What does a tendon guard on a skate look like?

A tendon guard is the tough flap at the back of the skate - opposite the tongue, that runs up to about the sock line. Players typically where their shin pads over the tongue of the skate and wrap tape around the skate/tendon guard and shin pad.

How do you get rid of your rash?

If you ever get shin guard rash, check out the Silver Edge Gear Shin Guard pads on We have been told by parents that they will get rid of shin guard and it will never come back! The silver in the pads prevents the growth of bacteria!

How do you say shin guard in Spanish?


What is the Spartan shin guard called?


Are shin guards for goalies?

No they are for all players

What are Shin guard for in soccer?

If you get tacked in your shin so it does not snap back. Or if someone misses the ball and kick you... it really hurts.

What type of shin guards professional soccer player use?

Professional soccer players are not required to wear any certain type of shin guard. Most soccer players in high level soccer, my team included, wear small tough shin guards that aren't bulky but still offer protection. I myself use Nike shin guards, but there is no official requirement for brand or type.

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