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I am assuming you are talking about the play at second base before the throw to first to complete the double play. If we saw every play at second base in slow motion we would probably see the bag touched in 99%+ of the times. There are two main reasons why the second baseman or shortstop makes the play very quickly. First the play must be made quickly because of the time spent in throwing the ball to second to get the force out. The defense is trying to make two outs in the time it takes to make one out so the second baseman/shortstop must get rid of the ball quickly to have a chance to get the runner at first. Second is that there is a runner bearing down on second base trying to break up the double play. The fielder at second must get rid of the ball and then move out of the way of the runner that is trying to break up the double play.

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Q: Why do baseball players rarely touch the base when completing a double play to first?
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