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Well, I do not know the whole detail to this question but can give some insight. The reason why Baseball players run the bases counter clockwise along with NASCAR, INDY, horse racing, dogs, running counter clockwise etc., has a lot to do with the American Revolution. Early Americans hated the British so much they wanted to do almost eveything opposite to their rules. In England and Europe, they run car and horse races clockwise, and I think Cricket runs clockwise as well, although they do not have a diamond like American Baseball. Hope that helps!

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It is because when constantly running on the track in the same direction (clockwise) it unbalances the runnner's legs since the inside of the track is the smallest amount lower than the track itself therefore to get equal strength in both legs it is good to run anticlockwise sometimes

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NASCAR and all auto racing is done so that the driver is farther away from the wall.

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You don't. you run them counter-clockwise

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Q: Why do athletic runners nascar horseracing run counter clockwise?
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