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Q: Why do all surfers like Sublime?
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Are all surfers part of the ISA?

No, surprising as it may be to you, there are thousands of surfers who have never even heard of the ISA.

What is the collective noun for surfers?

The collective nouns for surfers are a wave of surfers or a whale of surfers.

How do use sublime in a sentence?

like this.That band was sublime.It is also a band

Do sharks mistaken us for seals?

Yes especially surfers because from below paddling surfers look like swimming seals

How far do surfers go?

All the way.

What is sublime paralytic?

Sublime Paralytic is just like Apolinario Mabini. In London it means very happily drunk.

What part of Australia is I'm a celebrity set?

just outside surfers paradise in queensland! the versarce hotel they all stay in is in surfers paradise

How do you use the word sublime in a sentence but it has to be an adjective?

You could use it like "The sublime weather made me want to take a spontaneous bike ride!"

What are two tourist attractions in Hawaii?

# The Arizona Memorial. # The Surfers # The Polynesian Village. # The Surfers. # The Volcano National Park. # The Surfers. # The Punchbowl. # The Surfers. # The Hawaiian cowboys # The Surfers. # The Orchids, waterfalls, sunsets, sunrises, pineapples, the Missouri and # The Surfers.

Can camphor sublime?

Like any solid, camphor CAN sublime. The fact that you can smell it so well attests to that fact (you can smell the vapor that has sublimed from the solid).

What Band that sounds like horticultural foam?

The Butthole Surfers.

LongΔ«nus on the Sublime concept of sublime?

Sublime,the term was first used by Longinus in his book 'On the sublime'.He said," Sublimity is the echo of great soul".

What are ocean breakers?

Large waves - the sort surfers like in Hawaii.

Why do surfers like water with high amplitudes?

They can get a longer ride in the curl.

Why does calcium carbonate sublime?

Calcium carbonate does not sublime.

How do you say sublime in french?

Sublime is actually a French word, so you just say sublime!

Do all solids form a liquid berfore they turn into gas?

All solids except sublime solids form a liquid before they turn into gas. Sublime solids directly turn to gases.

What code can you put in to unlock all characters in subway surfers?


What movies have I've Seen Better Days by Sublime in the soundtrack?

It's debatable whether Sublime even made that song. It doesn't sound like them to me.. and apparently it's a cover.

Sublime's hit Santeria was released on which of the bands albums?

Sublime's hit Santaria was released on the album Sublime.

Does iodine sublime?

Yes, mercury can sublime.

What will sublime at 298K?

Co2(s) will sublime

Does Mercury sublime?

Yes, mercury can sublime.

Who did sublime influence?

the band sublime influenced: bands such as slightly stoopid, tribute bands badfish and the new sublime

Does ethanol sublime?

No. Only solids sublime, as sublime means to go from a solid directly to a gas. Ethanol evaporates.