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To intimidate or distract the pitcher

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Q: Why do all pro softball players shake the bat before they swing?
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What are some softball tricks?

there is a trick pitch which is when you let go of the ball before you swing your arm around the second time(;

What is it called when you swing and miss in softball?

a strike.

What are takes in softball?

when you purposefully don't swing at a pitch

Does playing softball ruin your baseball swing?

no, because just because your throw underhand doesn't have to do with your swing.

What time do mlb players arrive before a game?

A lot of players arrive 3 to 4 hours before a game. Some may even be there 6 hours before depending on if they need to work on their swing or throw a pen.

Why was the pitch named the rise ball invented for softball use?

The rise ball is a very useful pitch in softball. A good rise ball begins looking like a strike so the batter will swing at it. However, by the time the ball reaches the batter, is it higher than it was when it first started out. The causes the batter to swing in miss since upward adjustments with a softball swing are very hard to make.

How do you improve your softball swing?

well, to improve your swing you need to practice swinging with your legs, hips, and arms .... also swing all the way through (not just half way threw)

What is a swing in softball?

a swing is more than just moveing your bat and hitting the ball. its a perfect indicatoin of rhe heart of a softball player. if there swing is well concentrated then you know that the batter wants to hit the ball and works 24/7 to perfect there swing. just because a girl doesnt hit the ball doesnt mean they aren't a good softball player. it means they couldn't find there pitch,they can't concentrate or they just don't care. the farthher the ball is hit the harder they swing the bat the more heart and ambition it showa. to be good work hard.

How much energy is needed to swing a softball bat?

There is not much energy needed to swing a softball bat if you can find the right size and weight for your age and weight. There are different websites just go to google and type this question, and there will be a place where they recommend a bat!

What improves the power of your swing in softball?

well, to improve your swing you need to practice swinging with your legs, hips, and arms .... also swing all the way through (not just half way threw)

What are some of the skills you need to play softball?

You need to be able to throw a softball, catch a softball, hit a softball, swing a bat, communicate with your teammate's, pump up each other when they are down. If one person on your team is down everyone on your team is down.

Fundamental skills in softball?

There are some basic skills needed to play softball. You should be able to throw and catch a ball, run bases and swing a bat.

What are the strikeout cases in softball?

they are the same as in baseball, if you swing on srike 3 or if you get strike 3

Can you use a wooden bat in softball?

yes but when some people swing the bat to hard it breaks

How far can a batter hit a softball with a stock ASA bat rated at 98 MPH?

How fast can a batter swing the bat? The faster the swing speed the further the ball will travel.

What happens if a ball hits the players hand on a swing?

then the ball it the players hand on the swing silly and why would you want to know about that just go and do it and see what happens hoped that helped you alot.

What is the slowest softball pitch?

The slowest pitch in softball is the change-up. It is used to batter swing off-balanced. Off-balanced batters tend to hit more pop-fly's than balanced batters. Pop-flys are considered the easiest out in softball.

What do the negative numbers all the way down a softball bat mean?

That means how many ounces it feels like when you swing it

What does the K stand for in softball?

A 'K' is a strikeout where the batter swung at strike three. A 'k' is a strikeout where the batter did not swing at strike three.

How do you increase the speed of the baseball pitch?

Let go the right way and swing your arm around fast. This also goes for softball.

In softball and you are in your stance and the pitcher throws the ball and hits your bat without you swinging is that a foul ball?

no. because you have to swing for it to be a foul ball .its really a strike

How do you make swings in my sims kingdom?

put two bubles and shake really hard and the box in the upper right is a swing

How do you use a softball in a science project?

There is math and science in softball the speed here is one fact-The force that the bat hits the ball is so strong the ball actually changes its direction and gains speed as it going-or the engery in the swing tranfures the energy into the ball

How do you swing on spyro dawn of the dragon?

Use on dragon to attach to the leafy wall. Switch players and hold the jump button to swing and use the nav. keys to navigate.

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