Why do adults dribble while sleeping?

Updated: 11/24/2022
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Q: Why do adults dribble while sleeping?
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Is it healthy to dribble while your sleeping?

Not really, because when you dribble, you are losing saliva. The salivary glands are essential to many functions in the body.

While playing basketball if you pick up your dribble and then dribble the ball again what is it called?

if he did a pump fake it is fine, but if just stopped randomly dribbling then dribbled again it would be a unnecessary carry

Is too much sleeping for adults harmful?

Yes, because it can affect the adults brain.

What is a crossover dribble?

lean you body to the lead hand and dribble with the other. Count down to 3 then switch while accelerating A crossover dribble is just switching hands, whether its right to left or left to right

Is it traveling if a player catches the basketball does not dribble but jumps to shoot and while in the air loses control and so while still in the air begins to dribble?

yes ,it is traveling for the simple reason that your pivit foot has to stay on the ground unless you dribble ,pass ,or shoot !UNLESS, another player touches the ball to cause you to lose control, like a blocked shot, then you begin to dribble

What does Scribble and Dribble mean?

Scribble means to draw outside the lines purposely, almost like a preschooler would do. Dribble means, while playing basketball, to bounce the ball while moving up and down the court

What reason is it to dribble every night when sleeping does people go through pubity at 44?

When this happenes you are going through puberty. If this happenes you have hit puberty.

What is the foul when you dribble stop then dribble again?

Double Dribble

How do you write the sound a basketball makes when you dribble it?

dribble dribble

What is the duration of While You Were Sleeping?

The duration of While You Were Sleeping is 1.72 hours.

What are the two ways a person can double dribble?

a person can try to dribble the ball with two hands or can dribble then pick up their dribble and then dribble again

How many adults have sleeping disorders?

all with children. They deprive you of sleep