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to honor those who died at Virginia Tech

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Q: Why do acc teams wear a black ribbon on their uniform?
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How do you wear combat action ribbon on army dress uniform?

The same as you would wear any other awarded ribbon on the Army dress uniform. I have attached a link to this question to further assist you.

Why you can wear army service ribbon on navy uniform?

Any award with a ribbon can be worn on a different service uniform if it was earned while attached to a joint command, the person was involved in a joint mission, etc. The ribbon device is worn on the right breast over the pocket.

How come the Miami Heat wear black at home games when other NBA teams wear white?

The Miami Heat have an alternate all black uniform they wear on occasion at home starting in the 2011-2012 NBA Season in addition to their traditional white uniforms. This uniform is not to be confused with their black road uniforms, as they are two different color schemes as well as different material. Other alternate uniforms worn by the Miami Heat at home include the Latin Nights "El Heat" uniform, the "Throwback-Miami Floridians" uniform, and seldom the team will wear their alternate red uniform at home.

Why do most agents wear black?

Because its their uniform

Who picks the uniform NFL teams will wear every week?

MVP from the week before

What did Justin bieber wear to the Grammys?

He was in a white suit and a black ribbon

What are major league umpires required to wear under their uniforms while on the job?

According to the official MLB rules, section 9, umpires are required to wear a uniform, but it does not describe what the uniform is. It is safe to assume that they all have to appear in the same clothing (hence uniform), and it cannot be deceptively similar to one of the teams' uniforms.

Do make up artist's have a uniform?

Not really. It depends on wear you work. Most makeup artist wear all black but its not a "uniform."

Do make-up artist's have a uniform?

Not really. It depends on wear you work. Most makeup artist wear all black but its not a "uniform."

What is AutoZones uniform policy?

Black pants, black socks, black shoes, and a red or grey autozone uniform shirt. I work there and that's what we have to wear. Only management gets to wear the grey though.

Why do cops wear black uniform?

Different departments wear different colored uniforms,

What uniform do you have to wear when working at Wetherspoons?

Anything as long as you wear the black weatherspoons shirt