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There are seven positions for NFL on-field game officials. The letters on the back of each official indicates their position: R-Referee; U-Umpire; L-Line Judge; H-(Head) Linesman; F-Field Judge; S-Side Judge; B-Back Judge

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they feel like it!

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Q: Why do Referee's in NFL have letters on their back?
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How many referees are in the NFL?


Were nfl referees ever volunteers?

NFL referees were never volunteers. However, many of them got their start in recreational leagues near their hometowns as volunteers.

Do NFL referees pay their own travel expenses?


How are NFL referees and umpires assigned to games?

They are assigned to each game

What NFL ref position is paid the highest?

The referees in an NFL game have a very difficult job in calling the game they are assigned to. The highest paid among the referees is unknown.

How many referees and officials total are there in the NFL?


What is NFL flag?

In the NFL, "flag" is usually used as slang for the yellow penalty markers which are thrown by the umpires, referees and side judges.

What do NFL referees do in the off season?

Most NFL referees do in fact have other jobs, ranging from dairy farmer to teacher to attorney to entrepreneur/inventor. The NFL is the only major sports league in the US that does not hire referees on a full time basis and, contrary to what most people seem to believe, the pay is not amazing ($25.000-$70/000/year. Baseball refs start at $120k and top out at $300k+, plus per diem on road trip plus benefits. Basketball refs range from $100-300k plus benefits. NHL refs make $72-255k).

What do nfl referees do when not in football season?

Cash bribe checks and stare at the sun for hours at a time

How does NFL choose what referee plays a particular game?

Referees don't play in the game, silly.

How much do NFL referees get paid?

Between $42,000 and $120,000.00 based upon position and experience.

How much NFL referees get paid?

Between $42,000 and $120,000.00 based upon position and experience.