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Carts are only allowed on the cart path. If you have several lined up in a row parked to watch a player, their canopys would be a visual barrier to a lot of the foot traffic. So, for the same reason you don't want that guy in front of you in the movie theater wearing a 10 gallon cowboy hat, the carts have no canopys.

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Q: Why do PGA tourneyments golf carts have no top?
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What is the top speed that golf carts can travel?

Golf cartsare not built for speed. On average your maxium speed will be 10mph.

What tour in golf is after the pga tour?

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How fast do golf carts go?

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What is the advantage of an electric golf cart vs. one that is gas-powered?

Electric golf carts are quieter than the gas powered carts. They also put out less pollutants into the air. They do not move as fast, which is good in areas where there are many pedestrians and safety is a top issue.

Cruise the Course in Style With a Pimped Out Golf Cart?

You may do a double take when you catch sight of one of the new golf carts cruising around the many golf course communities in the United States. These are not the rental carts that you remember from the olden days, but decked out state-of-the-art carts with real pizzazz. From features added for comfort, to body designs meant to impress, innovations in golf carts have come a long way. Worried about getting caught out in the rain? Golf carts are now available with full zip up enclosures as well as a canopy to protect your clubs. For those who don’t want to go through the trouble of zipping up the sides, doors are also available for golf carts. Add a heater specially designed for golf carts, and you can enjoy cruising around in comfort, even in the winter. When money is no object, the design possibilities for both gas and electric golf carts are endless. Choose a golf cart styled to resemble the cars of yesteryear. Custom design your cart to look like a car or truck of the 1930’s, complete with either a hard top or convertible soft top. A hood ornament, pin striping, flames, and a wide selection of seat covers can make your cart distinctive. Current trends in golf carts include those designed to resemble a hummer, fire engine, jeep, Cadillac, off-road truck, and more. By the time you are finished selecting amenities such as a cooler in the trunk, custom dashboard, a back seat, and fancy wheels, your new luxury cart may cost as much as a car. Have fun pinping your cart and the response you receive from onlookers will make the investment worthwhile. Whether you are playing a round of golf, or just looking for a fun way to get around town, consider a golf cart for your second mode of transportation. Energy efficient and a blast to drive, many communities are making accommodations to incorporate golf carts.

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