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Contrary to popular belief, divers do not shower between each dive because of bacteria. Divers shower in warm water (or even soak in a hot tub) to keep their muscles warm and loose. This is also why gymnasts put on warm-ups, or pants and jackets, after each event. Some divers believe that if they go into the water while wet they can enter with a smaller splash, however most dry off with a towel.

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Q: Why do Olympic divers shower after each dive?
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Why do Olympic divers go in a small pool after diving?

Divers go in the spa so they don't get cold after each dive.

Why do olympic divers go into a hot tub after each dive?

thats a good question because i honestly think they look stupid doing it

Why do olympic divers go to hot tub after each dive?

Mainly because the pool is cold and the hot tub keeps them warm and loose instead of cold and stiff. Also allows them to focus for the next dive.

How many recreational scuba divers in the world?

It turns out that nobody actually knows the real answer to this question. In fact, this question is the one most frequently asked of dive certification agency PADI. Renee Duncan of Divers Alert Network, a diving safety organization associated with Duke University, has said, "There's really no true number for certified divers because this is not a regulated industry, so it will always be a squishy figure. We've quoted the 1 to 3 million number on our diving fatality reports." Ben Davison, publisher of the dive industry journal "Undercurrent", researched this topic for a recent article. He puts the number of active divers (who make at least 5 dives per year) at 1.2 million, plus or minus 15%. An important component of the "How many divers are there?" question is "How many new divers are certified each year?" In 2002, four dive certification agencies, PADI, SSI, NAUI and SDI reported certifying 177,000 new divers. These are the four largest training agencies in the world, but there are others as well. A good estimate for the total number of new divers trained worldwide is probably closer to 225,000. The annual attrition rate of these new divers is also widely debated, with estimates ranging from 50% to more than 80%.

How do you win at Olympic diving?

By having the best total score. Each dive has a degree of difficulty (DD) with harder dives having higher numbers. When a dive is completed, judges enter a number from 1-10 (with .5 numbers as well) into the computer system. The computer system multiplies the total score the judges gave times the DD. After all dives are completed, the scores from each dive are totaled and the person with the best score wins.

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Why do mountaineers sea divers carry oxygen cylinders with them?

Air contains 20% oxygen, When you go up a mountain the air is "thinner" and there is not enough oxygen so mountaineers breath oxygen from cylinders so that each breath has more than 20% oxygen, This helps them function at altitude. Divers DO NOT Carry Oxygen cylinders with them, they breath from cylinders containing compressed AIR. When you dive the "thickness" of the air increases, at 10 meters you are breathing air at TWICE atmospheric pressure. At depth the Oxygen becomes toxic. If you were to dive on pure Oxygen you could die if you went as deep as 10 meters.

How do the Olympic games start each year?

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How long does 80 Cubic Foot Aluminum Compact Neutral Tank last under water?

This is a question that has no one answer, because the question is too general.It depends on the divers physiology or breathing (SAC) rate, and the depth of the dive. As one dives deeper the gas in a tank compresses, and the deeper the diver goes, the more air is consumed with each breath.A divers SAC rate is dependent on a number of variables, in general physical exertion, the divers body mass, and experience. New divers generally have much high SAC rates vs. experienced divers. Large divers have higher SAC rates as they have larger lung capacity.The AL80 (aluminum 80CF) tank is the most common tank in the world, and an AL80 allows most divers to reach their NDL (no decompression limit) at recreational depths.The fact that the tank is Neutrally buoyant has no bearing on the amount of gas in the tank. A Neutrally buoyant 80CF tank offers no advantage over a standard AL80 which is generally approx 4lbs positive when empty. The advantage of a neutrally buoyant tank is that it is approximately 1lbs negative in the water when empty. The allows the diver to remove about 5lbs from the weight belt or pockets.OW certification classes explain the factors involved in determining SAC rates and time at depth, but the only way to arrive at an answer for each individual is to get certified, and dive.

What is a two-tank dive?

diver's short name or code for your 'average' dive trip on a dive boat - 2 dives, each separated by an approximate 1 hour SIT (Surface Interval Time), usually on 2 different dive spots.

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You have got to say it at the beginning of each Olympic games.

Is diving a timed sport in the Olympics?

Each diver has 2 min per dive to perform a dive. After that, it is considered a failed dive and no score is received. However, pretty much every diver makes it in that time unless they have a fear of the dive and don't feel ready to complete it.

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