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Q: Why do NFL coaches have a vertical stripe on the back of their jerseys?
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Player names were added to the back of Michigan jerseys in what year?

Player names were added to the back on Michigan jerseys in 1980.

How does a pro sport team wash jerseys and equipement between back to back games in different cities?

They get all new jerseys.

What is the size of a number on the back of baseball jerseys?

It depends on the type of font the team uses on their jerseys

What is the stripe on the back of a horse called?

It is called a dorsal stripe, like a dorsal fin on a dolphin.

Why did the Pittsburgh Steelers change the numbers on their jerseys?

The helmet is solid black with a gold central stripe and small white player numbers on the forehead. Last names were added to the jerseys in 1970, as part of a new NFL mandate resulting from the AFL-NFL merger (the AFL teams had last names on the back of their jerseys). In 1997, the team switched to rounded numbers on the jersey to match the number font (Futura Condensed) on the helmets, and a Steelers logo was added to the left side of the jersey.

What is a dorsal stripe?

A dorsal Stripe is a dark brown/black stripe that goes straight down the back of a horse. Duns have them, But usually not paint duns.

Where can one purchase bike jerseys?

There are many companies and websites that offer bike jerseys for sale. Some of these companies that offer bike jerseys are Back Country, Bicycling Hub and Sun & Ski.

What size are the numbers on volleyball jerseys?

4in on the front and in on the back.

Are replica hockey jerseys good or bad?

Neither. Replica jerseys haven't been worn by the person or made for them and on some replica jerseys, you can personalize by putting your name on the back. Replica hockey jerseys are made to look like the teams jerseys so you can show you support one team or another.

What is a horse's marking called?

Well theres the stripe down the back called a 'list', 'stripe', 'or eel stripe'. Then there are the bars on the legs these are often just called bars or 'zebra bars'.

In what year were numbers applied to the front and back of players jerseys?


Why are red back spiders called red back spiders?

Thats easy! Red back spiders are called 'red back spiders because they have a red (or sometimes dark orange) stripe on their back. they sometimes have a diamond slightly below that stripe aswell.