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The cars spark from bottoming out on the track. The steel grinding the asphalt throws the sparks out from under the car. Flames also comes out of the exhaust from the extra fuel that isn't burned when they let off the gas.

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Q: Why do NASCAR cars make a spark?
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Are there lights on NASCAR cars?

No. Nascar cars do not have headlights.

How much of a Nascar race car is made by the car sponsor?

None of it. NASCAR sponsors don't make cars.

How many cars are on the track of a NASCAR?

43 cars start the race for a NASCAR event.

What make of personal cars do the NASCAR drivers drive?

Porsche 911

Do NASCAR race cars use automatic transmissions?

No, they do not. Manual transmissions are used in Nascar race cars.

Why was race cars made?

Race cars were made to make the sport NASCAR to show off driving skills, earn money, and to make a living.

How many cars can a NASCAR owner have?

In Nascar, an owner is allowed to have a maximum of four cars (teams).

Why do NASCAR race cars have headlight stickers?

Because they are "stock cars" and NASCAR wants their race cars to look something like what you buy at the dealer.

Was convertible cars in NASCAR?


How much do Nascar Sprint Cup Series cars weigh?

NASCAR Sprint Cup Cars are standardized to weigh 3400lbs (1542.2kg)

Would NASCAR have saved Oldsmobile?

No, NASCAR would not of saved Oldsmobile. Some cars in NASCAR are Ford and Chevrolet.

Is Firestone Tire a NASCAR sponsor?

Firestone tire is a NASCAR sponsor. Some of the cars use firestone tires other cars use NASCAR tires. Firestone also sells NASCAR tires in addition to their own brand.

Can Nascar Make it safer so that we don't have anymore Deaths?

Yes, and they have. Since the last death of a driver in NASCAR, the HONS device has saved many lives. NASCAR is always pressing forward to make the cars, and the race tracks safer every tear.

Why are there 43 cars in a NASCAR race?

There were 43 cars in a NASCAR race so that there could be just enough action on the field. However, not all tracks have 43 cars anymore.

Do NASCAR cars have reverse?


Will they ever again race stock cars in Nascar?

It seems highly unlikely that Nascar will ever race strictly stock cars again.

Do NASCAR racers pay for gas?

For their private cars they do. Not for their race cars.

What kind of cars does Danica Patrick drive?

Nascar race cars.

What speed do NASCAR cars race at?

The speed that NASCAR cars race at is 120 miles and more. They are really going fast around the track when it comes to these cars. Racing is a fast pace.

How many cars does a Nascar Sprint Cup team have?

A Nascar Sprint Cup team can have anywhere from 1 car up to a maximum of 4 cars.

Do any cigarette manufacturers sponsor cars in Nascar?

No. There are currently no cigarette manufacturers sponsoring Nascar race cars. Following the 2003 season, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company dropped their series sponsorship with Nascar.

How many cars are in the Daytona 500?

The standard amount of cars in NASCAR is 43.

Are Indy race cars faster than Nascar race cars?


what is the red light on rear window of nascar cars?

it is used to see reflections of other cars

Does petrol cars with fuel injectors use spark plugs?

Petrol/gasoline cars do use spark plugs.Petrol/gasoline cars do use spark plugs.