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garnett stated it takes every bit of 5 players on the floor at a time to win ball games. that is why he wears 5

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Q: Why do Kevin garnett wear NUMBER 5?
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What number does kg wear?

Kevin Garnett is #5

What NBA players wear the number 5?

Kevin garnett

What number did Kevin Garnett wear in high school?


Which NBA players wear the number 5?

Kevin Garnett, Josh Howard

What NBA player wear the 5?

Kevin garnett

Who is number 5 on the Celtics?

Kevin Garnett

What number draft was Kevin Garnett in the NBA?

number 5

What is Kevin garnett jersey now?

Kevin Garnett wears the number 5 for the Boston Celtics. Before that he wore number 21 for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Who is number 5 for the Boston Celtics?

Kevin Garnett, KG

What number does Garnett wear on the Celtics?


Who has worn the number 5?

There have been dozens of people who wear number five. Bobby Brown of the Sacramento Kings wears number five. Kevin Garnett of the Celtics wears number five.

Who in the NBA wears number 5?

Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics

Who wears number 5 in NBA?

Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics

Who were some famous basketball players who wore number 5?

Kevin Garnett

Who is number 5 on the Boston Celtics in the year 2008-2009?

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett wears what number jersey?

When he was a timberwolf he was #21. Now he is #5 with the celtics.

What famous basketball players wore number 5?

Kevin Garnett, Dee Brown

Do any famous sports players wear the number 5?

of course! Garnett on the Boston Celtics is #5 -Summer

What famous basketball player wears number 5?

Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics Jason Kidd of the NY Knicks

When Kevin Garnett enter NBA?

Kevin Garnett became a Minnesota Timberwolves player in 1995. Then Garnett moved to the Boston Celtics on July 31, 2007. At first when Garnett went to the Celtics he was No. 12. Now he is in the Boston Celtics No. 5.

Why did Kevin garnett change his jersey number?

It could possibly be related to Adidas, who featured KG in their campaign 'It takes 5'. While I do not know why he is wearing #5; the Celtics retired #21 in 1966 for guard Bill Sharman, so Garnett could not use it in Boston.

How many 40 point games in Kevin garnett career?


How many brothers and sisters does Kevin garnett have?

1 sister & 5 half brother

Who is the top 5 player that get pay the most in the nba?

Kevin garnett Kobe Bryant

Who are the starting 5 for the Brooklyn nets?

joe johnson,deron williams,pual pierce,kevin garnett,brook lopez