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they have three stairs because the three major titles they have won.

Europe in 1981, Fa cup in 1978 and the Texaco cup have no idea when that was.

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Q: Why do Ipswich town have the stars on there shirts?
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Who are better Manchester united or ipswich town?

Ipswich town

What country is Ipswich town in?

Ipswich Town is in England, UK.

Can ipswich town win?

If Ipswich Town win then I'm skinny

Who is the owner of Ipswich Town?

The owner of Ipswich Town in England is Marcus Evans.

When was Ipswich Town F.C. created?

Ipswich Town F.C. was created in 1878.

What division does Ipswich Town participate in?

The Ipswich Town team participates in the third division.

Who has played for both ipswich town and grimsby town?

Liam Trotter is currently on loan at Grimsby from Ipswich Town. If that helps you?

When was Ipswich Town F.C. Hall of Fame created?

Ipswich Town F.C. Hall of Fame was created in 2007.

Who is the all time scorer for ipswich town?

Marcus Stewart is the all time scorer for Ipswich town with 25 goals.

What is the county town of sulffolk?


Is there a town that starts with the letter i?


When was the Ipswich Town football club formed?

The Ipswich Town Football Club located in Ipswich, Suffolk is an English professional football team. It was formed in 1878 and joined the Football League in 1938.