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Because boys are better than girls

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Q: Why do American sports fans support male athletes over female sports?
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Which athletes were voted Sports Illustrated male and female athletes of the year?

Tom Brady and Tori Praver

Who is the female Catholic saint for sports?

There is no female patron saint of athletes. St. Sebastian is the patron saint of all athletics and athletes, male or female.

Who is the female patron saint of sports?

There is no female patron of sports. We have only St. Sebastian who is the patron saint of athletes and athletics.

Do male athletes earn more than female athletes?

In most main sports, yes. Men's sports are much more popular then women's.

What was sports Venus like 20 years ago?

Venus Sports is an online business that sells sports gear for female athletes.

What has the author Billy Hawkins written?

Billy Hawkins has written: 'The new plantation: black athletes, college sports, and predominantly white NCAA institutions' -- subject(s): National Collegiate Athletic Association, Social conditions, Racism in education, Race relations, African American college students, African American athletes, Racism in sports, College sports 'The new plantation' -- subject(s): College sports, Moral and ethical aspects of College sports, College athletes, National Collegiate Athletic Association, African American athletes, Social conditions, Race relations, African American college athletes, Racism in education, African American college students, Racism in sports

Why is it that men's basketball get more publicity?

Because there is a gender bias against female athletes. Not just basketball but sports in general. Male athletes get more endorsements and scholastically colleges have more funding for male athletes as opposed to their female counterparts.

What is the purpose of sports bra?

It is used to hold down breasts so that they not hinder a female athletes ability to do her sport.

Why do male sports get more coverage than female sports?

More viewers watch male sports. More advertisers support male sports.

What should be done to improve sports?

To improve sports there could be an effort made to create a more even playing field for women athletes. Women tend to be paid much less than male athletes and improving pay would help to equalize the efforts made to recruit female athletes.

When was SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes created?

SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes was created in 2007.

Is Saint Sebastian the patron saint of sports?

Yes, Sebastian is the patron saint of all athletics and athletes - male or female.

What has the author LaJean Lawson written?

LaJean Lawson has written: 'Chest/breast protectors for female athletes' -- subject(s): Protection, Women athletes, Chest, Breast, Sports injuries, Prevention 'Selected sports bras'

What has the author Nick David Smart written?

Nick David Smart has written: 'Success in sports' -- subject(s): African American athletes, African Americans, Athletes, Biography, History, Juvenile literature, Sports

What has the author Jean Donovitz written?

Jean Donovitz has written: 'Comparison of personalities of eighth and ninth grade female athletes and eighth and ninth grade female nonathletes' -- subject(s): Comparative studies, Personality, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of School sports, Psychology, School sports, Women athletes, Young women

What is athletes?

athletes are people who do sports as a living

Who is a patron saint of athletes or sports?

Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes. He proved to be extremely athletically strong when he survived being tied to a tree and shot with arrows.

Should all athletes be given the same exercises by the sports physical therapist?

yes they should because if it works for some people then it might work so it a maybe depending on the male/or female athletes attitude.

Do Amateur athletes compete in sports for the sake of the sports themselves?

Yes and for the fun of it considering they are Amateur athletes and do not get payed.

People who play sports?


What has the author Joan Clarice Hundley written?

Joan Clarice Hundley has written: 'Background, academic achievements, career aspirations, and attitudes of Black intercollegiate athletes' -- subject- s -: African American athletes, African American college students, College sports, Social aspects, Social aspects of College sports

How many athletes are athletes are there in the world?

there are 1000's of disabled of athletes in the world, that compete in sports

Should student athletes have good grades to play sports?

No, I believe that if athletes have passing grades, that will be enough to play sports.

What types of athletes go to sports clinics?

Both amateur and professional athletes go to sports clinics. Additionally non- athletes with athletic impairing conditions also go.

Why female athletes experience a high rate of injury?

Due to lack of knowledge and less practice of the game... Another reason of this is chose of wrong sports for this...