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It doesn't. Three strikes is an out, and there are three outs in an inning per team.

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Q: Why do 3 strikes make an inning over in baseball?
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There are two outs - a player is at bat and he already has two strikes and two balls How many more strikes until the inning is over?

That depends on if this is the top or the bottom of the inning. If it is the bottom then only one strike will do the trick, unless this batter gets a hit then we can't know the answer. If it is the top of the inning then we cannot know the answer.

If you baseball game is at the 7th inning how long until its over?

It can go on for hours ...

How many outs are in an inning in baseball game?

In a standard baseball game, there are three outs per inning for each team, with nine innings played. If the home team is ahead after the visiting team has batted in the ninth inning, the game is over at that point (as there is no need for the home team to bat).

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What is an inning in baseball?

An inning is when each team gets a turn to bat with 3 outs. The visiting team bats first in an inning, and once they have gotten out 3 times, then the home team takes it's turn to bat with 3 outs. Once the inning is over you move onto the next inning, until you've played the last one. They're 9 innings in baseball.

Which player throws strikes and balls over the home plate?

The pitcher.

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When a runner is on 1st base and there are two strikes and 2 outs and the batter strikes out but the catcher drops the ball can the runner on 1st base run to 2nd base?

No. There are 3 outs. It makes no difference if the catcher catches or drops the ball. A hitter may attempt to take first base if he strikes out and the catcher drops the ball AND first base is not occupied. In this case, first base is already occupied the inning is over.

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3 outs made by each team in baseball is called?

It's just called the end of a half-inning, or the announcer may say, "the side is retired." When both teams have made their three outs, the full inning is over.

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