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i think it is because Kane hates undertaker and undertaker hates Kane but they still support each other

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Q: Why didn't undertaker want Kane to go back to WWF?
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Why Undertaker want to kill his parents?

he didnt want tew kill his parents Kane killed them n the fire.... He didn't kill his parents.

Does Kane have rabies?

Yes Kane got rabies in 1995 after that then the undertaker and Kane stoped being brothers cause the undertaker didn't want to get rabies later on Kane shot undertaker in the eye

Why undertaker lit his house?

no,kane burned kanes face.he set his house on fire when he was a kid and his face caught on fire when he was too close 2 the fire

Will undertaker offer a match to Kane at wrestlemania xxvii?

I hope so because i wanna see undertaker beat the hell out of Kane and I want hime in wwe again.

Was Kane's family killed?

In wwe its said that Paul Bearer has killed Kane's family. As Paul was servant in Frank Wesley (undertaker's father)house.And had a affair with undertaker's mother and the result of the affair was Kane.Undertaker know everything and also knew that her mother had a affair with Paul. But later Paul was fed up with Frank and he think to kill him and he put frank and undertaker in the house and put the house on flame and took undertaker's mother and Kane outside the house but the mother told Paul to take undertaker also.Paul didn't want to but he did and he unfortunately he Kane was in flames and undertaker rescude.And later undertaker's mother died.Its how Kane was killed with his family.

Was Kane the person who attacked the undertaker?

hes NT dead bcause they want him out of wwe by hemi nz

Can you see any pictures of undertaker and kane's childhood?

You cannot as he does not want people crouding them!

Will Kane were a mask?

no he already revealed himself why would he want to put the mask back on

She said she cheated then took it back?

Maybey she thought about cheating but didnt. Or she didnt want to tell you that which is low

What to do if you want your boyfriend back but he broke up with you because he didnt want a relationship?

ask me out

How many matches has undertaker wrestled in his career in wwe?

...I Want to Say 1,400- 1,600... Since His Debut as "Kane" the Undertaker on Nov. 19, 1990... Could Possibly Be Lesser Than 1,400 Because of All the Injury Hiatus' Throughout His Career... And Figure in Vacation Time...

When will masked Kane return?

never hes to awesome how he is and wwe doesn't want the mask back