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he could but he was so good and popular at his highschool he decided to skip college and get drafted by the cavs(Note:he was nba ready almost like bieng nfl ready

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โˆ™ 2012-06-24 20:12:39
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Q: Why didn't lebron James go to college?
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What college did LeBron James go to?

lebron James didnt go to collage he skiped collage and when to the NBA

What number did LeBron James wear in college?

Lebron James did not go to college!

What did LeBron James major in at college?

Lebron James did not go to college, so he could not have majored in anything.

What college did lebron did LeBron James go too?


Why did LeBron James skip college?

LeBron James skipped college and was drafted out of high school. He chose to take the money rather than go to college.

Did LeBron James go to college?

no he skipped college went straight in the nba

What is happening in LeBron James Adult Hood?

Freddy's reaquest lebron james didn't have a good adult lif when he was a teenager since he was sixteen. He didnt go to college he just skippd it but he did go to a school called st.bob's. gorge's high in akron,ohio.

What college did LeBron James attend?

Lebron James didn't attend college, he went to the NBA straight out of High School.He did not go to college. He got drafted straight from high-school.

Did lebron lames go to college?

No, Lebron James did not go to collage. He was drafted into the NBA out of high school. Lebron James went to St. Vincent's St. Mary's High in Akron, Ohio

What were grades like for LeBron James when he was little and in collage?

He didnt Go to College. He went stright to the NBA. He graduated with a 3.75. By the way you spelled college wrong but I bet I spelled something wrong also.

Who is better lebron James or kobeybryant?

Go lebron James

What college would Lebron James go to?

Im not sure, you'd have to ask him yourself

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