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Q: Why didn't Muhammad ali go ot college?
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Did Muhammad ali go to college and high school?

muhammad ali went to college at saniyal college and he went to ray high school

Where did Muhammad Ali go to college?

Muhammad Ali went to Central High School (1958)

What college did Muhammad Ali attend?

Muhammad Ali didn't go to college because of his early career as a boxer.

What school did Muhammad ali go?

harvest college in Brazil

Did Muhammad ali go to college?

I'm sorry, but that mans taken way too many headshots for college to do him any good at this point.

What collage school did Muhammad Ali go to and did he graduate?

Muhammad Ali went to school in Maine and he was a A average and he graduated 1 out of 347

Did Muhammad Ali go to high school?


What year did Muhammad Ali go to the Olympics?


What places did Muhammad ali go to?

Connor Durm.

What time did Muhammad Ali go to basketball?

he was a boxer

Did Muhammad ali have a t-v show?

He starred in a Saturday Morning Cartoon show in 1977. Go to youtube and type in "Muhammad Ali Cartoon".

Was Muhammad ali in jail at all for refusing to go to the army?