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Well the reason Dan Marino never won the Super Bowl is simple that he never had a running game.You can have a good passing game but if you don't have a running game you probably won't win it all.

It wasn't just the fault of the running game. Dan Marino MADE the Super Bowl in 1985, but performed poorly. In a 38 to 16 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, he threw two interceptions, and only one touchdown- well below expectations placed on him after a stellar season.

Later in his career, Dan Marino's impact on the Dolphins shrunk considerably as new coach, jimmy Johnson, believed in a strong run game, and a quarterback whose primary purpose is to hand the ball off.

Only the second answer here is true. The reality is the Dolphins had some of the best running games in the league during Marino's career - notably 1983-5 when the Dolphins averaged some 1,700 rushing yards a year; in his 17 seasons 14 of his teams ran the ball at 3.5 yards per carry or better - comparable to or better than such Superbowl winners as the 1966 and 2010 Packers, the 2003 Patriots, and the 2011 NY Giants, all of whom were 3.4 to 3.5 yards per carry.

The blunt truth is Marino clutched in playoff games - he lacked the talent to make winning playoff decisions and it resulted in ten losses in eighteen career playoff games. He threw interceptions in 13 games; in ten games he threw at least two interceptions.

The other Dolphin problem was defense. When an NFL team scores 38 points, it's usually a win.

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Q: Why didn't Dan Marino win a Super Bowl?
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