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he didnt its a storyline

undertaker set afire on kanes house because he didnt want Kane and paul to come back to the wwf

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Q: Why did undertaker set fire in Kane's house on May 19?
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Why does Kane hate May 19?

its the date undertaker lit kanes house on fire and killed his parents (pual bearer survived) and scared Kane

What happen to Kane on May 19?

The undertaker accidentally set his house and a funeral home on fire

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Why is Kane is scared about may 19?

i dunno u tell me lool ?kanes parents died in a fire he lit on may 19 when he was a kid p.s. just a story line

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Will undertaker return at unforgiven?

Undertaker may return at summerslam not unforgiven

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When do undertaker tickets go on sale for belfast?

if you mean undertaker the wrestler may 2nd at 6pm

Is the undertaker a devil worshipper?

yes. he worships the devil before every show. reports are that he has dedicated a whole level of his house to satan. may god curse his sould and may he burn in hell for an eternity

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No. If you jump into an oven, the fire might get to the engine then it may explode or it will burn you real badly.

Will the undertaker come back after wreslemania 27?

Never count out the Undertaker. He may not be back anytime soon but he will be back.

Why hasn't undertaker made a smackdown appearance sense wrestlemania when will he be back?

Undertaker got a concussion after the match. He may be back around May - August. Somewhere in that region.

How may matches has undertaker had?

at least 1000

Who put the undertaker in a vegetative state?

No-one; it was concluded after a match between rey mysterio and the undertaker were the undertaker suffered a broken nose and bone on May 25th 2010. Well we can't wait to see how The Undertaker is going to hell with this one.

Will the undertaker return after wrestlemania27?

Never count out the Undertaker. He may be banged up now but he will be back. Only time will tell when that is.

Will the undertaker return at 2.1.12?

they say that undertaker may return. its up to him though, so if he doesnt decide if he wants to return he wont. undertaker MAY NOT return because of how serious the injury was but there is never a correct answer. BUT MOST LIKELY YES.

Did The Undertaker's mom die?

yes may 19

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What happened on May 19 that upset Kane?

On may 15 undertaker bymistake burned Kane fathers (paul bearer) grave and his father died . actually, on may 19th, that was the day his mother and adopted family died in a fire, SO SAD. MOST OF US SO LUCKY

Is Kanes dad dead?

Yes because when his movie See No Evil came out his parents died in a house fire on the 19 th of May 2006 when the debut of imposter "Kane" kept saying "May 19th" and nearly pull his tag partner Big Show's eye out of its socket and Paul Bearer is his stepfather That was a movie not real life. In real life Kane's parents are both alive and well and Paul Pearer is not his step-father. wrong kane's parents are dead kane is not u see him every week on WWE

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Will anyone beat undertaker?

The Undertaker is a wrestler for the WWE organization. He has won an impressive thirty wrestling matches and is currently undefeated. Since he is undefeated after many years of wrestling, it may be awhile before anyone can beat The Undertaker.

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