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Q: Why did they wear no cloths in the ancient Olympic games?
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What did the ancient Olympic Games judges wear?

The judges will wear a royal purple robe.

What did they wear in ancient greek olympic games?

Nothing - they competed naked.

What the clothing was in the ancient olympic games?

they were naked! or sometimes they had those things sumo wrestlers wear.

What was the uniform for the ancient Olympics?

the ancient Olympic Games didnt have a uniform, they had to perform ..... naked!

What did the ancient olympic runners wear?


What do runners wear in Olympic games?

olympic gears

In the ancient Olympics did they have Olympic symbols?

A laurel is made up off leaves and ancient greece olympic winners would wear them if they had won a olympic game

Did the ancient Olympic contestants wear?

nothing - they wee naked

What did the ancient olympic athletes wear?

nothing (They competed in the nude.)

What did they wear in the 1st Olympic games?

i think they were naked

Who participated in the olympic games and what did they wear?

They competed naked

Why do medals get given out in the ancient Olympic games?

In the ancient Olympics, no medals were awarded. The first-place winner was given an olive branch to wear on his head. The second and third place winners got nothing.